Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Worth Reading..Worth Remembering

There are few threads or posts that go up at Absolute Write that I think are worthy of bringing to the attention of readers of Cobwebs Of The Mind. Not because they are not good or funny, but simply because their relevance and thus meaning to many people is lost.

If you are a writer you really should read this beautiful and perhaps heartrending piece, where the author shares her own dreams in writing and frustrations in a wonderful manner. It is also written incredibly well. Read the first post in the thread entitled, "Reflections From One Writer".

To be honest I usually try and spy out posts by this specific person, as she is one of the few that have my deep respect on AW. But I can honestly say in this case even if I loathed her (which is certainly not the case) - "Reflections From One Writer" should be read by any published and not published writer. It is from the heart and soul.

And if you are further interested, see as well:

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Marilyn said...

Thanks for posting this Teddy! As an aspiring writer it's always reassuring to know that sometimes the struggles are the same for everyone.

bes said...

Thank you, Teddy. I should have posted something here sooner. I really appreciate your link to my post. I have learned to truly respect your opinions through your own posts, and this means a lot to me.