Saturday, October 21, 2006

Rejection, Dejection, Names All Wrong, Coffee Stains and Reading Tea-Leaves

I am going to say something really unpopular here and probably will sound incredibly harsh. I apologize to begin with. I am not venting, but maybe it is time to put some things into perspective before I read of one more person going into deep depression for months over a rejection of a query or manuscript. Of course this is all MHO, so if you really hate it.. throw darts... that is cool too.

Rejection is NEVER nice. And yes it throws all of us, from the most assured to the most tentative, into a bit of a depression. Or maybe even a deep one. And yes it is not a nice feeling.

BUT...this is not a mark on the person. Sure, a lot of people who want to be authors and writers - will never be. I have faced that strong possibility myself, and you know what - such is life. Some people who should never write get a contract first query letter and first time out. They get "lucky". And you know what - such is life.

I personally, do not give a damn if an agent or an editor writes me a personal note or form letter of rejection. I could not care less if they take the time to scribble or send me a form letter with my name misspelled, my proposal all misspelled, and the paper with coffee stains. A rejection is a rejection.. nothing there to read into. It is not rocket science. It happens. Often. IN ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE, NOT JUST IN WRITING.

Got a rejection letter? Get drunk, eat choc., jump your spouse or SO - and then MOVE ON. Keep on writing. Keep on plugging away. If you believe in yourself, even if you never get published, if you believe in yourself - man you are way ahead of 99% of humanity.

Don't fall into the "rejection - no one will ever love me - no one will read me" funk. Stop interpreting the coffee stains and tea-leaves. It gets old. It gets silly. But most important it is counterproductive to your dream. Move on. Write. Keep on writing. Don't give up. Don't give in to that little imp whispering in your ear "you are a failure." Cause that imp is there just to see you fail. And don't you dare allow it to win. And let me tell you, I know that imp very well.

Don't give in. Rejection, dejection all of it - is a very temporary stage. It will pass. Let your dreams guide you. Let your own intuition guide you. Let your inner voice that speaks with desire and love and want and dreams guide you.

Take a drink, eat choc. jump your spouse or SO....

Submit. Submit again and again.
Stop reading into every rejection you get. Get over your name being misspelled on a form rejection letter. Stop trying to figure out the nuances of a sentence that says "Thanks. You are a good writer but not for me".
It means just what it says. Stop the endless attempt at reading into something that simply says "Thanks but no thanks" no matter how nicely or badly it is written. Get over this incredible need to make a rejection letter into part of Biblical interpretation. It isnt. It is simply a rejection letter.

MOVE ON. and for goodness sake MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE.

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Anonymous said...

Ummmm is this meant to be difficult to read LOL

I tried reading it in google reader but I still couldn't work out what it said!!!

Teddy said...

I think it may have been a font issue. Hope it is fixed now..


Anonymous said...

MUCH BETTER! The curly font was pretty but I just couldn't read it

I agree rejection is darn hard to get over. Someone taught me once - they are not rejecting you, they're rejecting your proposal - and that's what I keep telling myself.

That and the fact that far better authors have been rejected many times. Gone with the wind was rejected 38x

Thomma Lyn said...

Teddy, your advice to writers is excellent, inspiring, and wise. Thank you! :)

neki desu said...

Thank you!thank you! Excellent post valid for all the arts.May I add a link to this post in my blog ?


neki desu

Teddy said...

Feel free to link to any post you wish. That is great.

(Cobwebs Of The Mind just does not allow having posts copied without keeping the source intact.)

Links ARE GREAT!!!!!