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Thank you coming here. "Cobwebs Of The Mind" has been around for quite some time. Recently due to what is known as the "Indie" book explosion, and based upon requests made again and again, I have decided to include "Interviews" with Authors about their work. Though this a process that does take time, and indeed needs to be done correctly, I think it just may help all of those authors who wish to get "out there".

Since there are quite a few excellent book review & author interview blogs and web sites, there is though, one major rule or Gotcha! In order to make sure this remains a unique area for Interviews, the book must contain Jewish related themes or topics or characters. This covers a wide range in fiction and non-fiction. 
  1. I invite all authors, not only self-published ones, but even those from traditional or small presses to join in
  2. This is not only for E-Books by the way, this can be used for those of you who are only published in Paper.
  3. Your Interview will appear as a normal blog post.
  4. I do not have any requirements as to the number or lack thereof of "reviews" you have on Amazon or B&N. Even if you do not have one review you are welcome to request an interview.
  5. Only 1 Book per interview. If you have multiple books, each book will require a separate interview (unless it is a series.)
  6. Once your post goes live, it is in Facebook and Twitter. It would be a good idea for you to RT the information with your own hash tags (and ask others to do it as well) and share it on Facebook & LinkedIn for your own public relations. 
From time to time I will continue posting at "Cobwebs Of The Mind", and as to scheduling the Interviews I have to see just how many are interested.

I reserve the right to decide not to post interviews which I deem to be not associated with the rules.

So what are the "Gotcha's"?
  1. As mentioned above your book must contain a Jewish related theme.
  2. You add tedwgross to your twitter - @tedwgross (You can use the Twitter button on the right hand side of the page as well)
  3. You do a Like on my Facebook page @:  Ted Gross's Facebook Page
  4. If you are on google with a Goggle account then Click on the right hand side to "join this site" on the blog. This helps a great deal with Google and the where and when they present the Blog in search.
  5. If you have a blog, then add this blog to the Networked Blogs. (Again on the right side)
Why? Well, because this is a symbiotic relationship and I do not feel those requests are hard to do or over-reaching. You do your public relations and I help and thus I ask for a bit in return. 

As to the Interview itself. Just copy and paste below into whatever editor you use, and when you email it back make sure it is in the body of the email and make sure you supply a link (or links) to your book be it at Amazon, B&N, Goodreads or wherever.
Please attach all pics, of your book or yourself to the email as well. (Max. 2 pics. One of you one of your book cover). Only if you wish to do so.

I am not going to edit interviews unless I feel the spelling and grammar really need work. I am not going to spell check it either. So all that is up to you. If I feel it simply is not ready for posting I will email you and tell you so.

Email the interview to:
Copy & Paste:
Or Click to open your email application
 Cobwebs Of The Mind Email

What I will not allow here:
Racist or Hate literature.
Erotica that crosses bounds from Erotica to pornography.
Curse words (not even the starred ones) - These neither help the blog or the author in Google's search engine.

Interview Questions:

Besides the facts like your name etc. try and make this into a blog post that will flow. If that does not work for you then answer the questions you wish with their numbers. People tend to like a flowing blog post, and since you are writers, you should be able to compose a few paragraphs based upon the questions below. Nothing below is written in stone besides the factual information. Go with the flow, describe yourself, the book and your experiences, and let your muse do the work!
  1. Your Name(s) which you use for your books - Pen Name
  2. Name of the Book (The exact name please - do not add anything)
  3. Genre:
  4. Describe your book please. Make us want to read it!
  5. What is the Jewish related theme in  your book?
  6. Is writing a full-time job for you? If not what else do you do?
  7. How many books have you self-published or have been published in the traditional manner? 
  8. Why do you write?
  9. When you are writing something new do you ask someone's opinion about it?
  10. When you write do you need absolute concentration and quiet?
  11. Do you believe or have you experienced "writer's block"? If so, when and why?
  12. Do you incorporate incidents from your own personal life into your works?
  13. Do you write what you think the public wants to read or what you feel to be your inner-expression and forget about the public?
  14. If you did Self-Publish why did  you do it? (Tell the story here.)
  15. If you did or do have an agent, without naming them, tell us your experience on getting the agent and if you are satisfied.
  16. When you market your book what path did you chose? Why? And what has not worked out for you and what has worked for you?
  17. How much time do you spend on marketing your own work?
  18. If you self-published tell us in order the route you went, e.g. Kindle to Print to Smashwords or whatever you did.
  19. Which publishing sources would your recommend? And which would  you not recommend?
  20. How much time and effort did you put into the cover of your book?
  21. If you are a Kindle publisher, did you join KDP Select and if so what were experiences there and how would you judge it?
  22. Exactly what formats is your book in? (Nook, Paper, Kindle, Sony, Ipad..etc and etc.)
  23. How did you decide on the price of your book? Include decisions if applicable for E-book and Print books. Or tell us how your publisher decided.
  24. What advice would you give other authors or other people starting out?
  25. Do you consider yourself a success in writing, a wannabe, a failure or just misunderstood? And of course why.
  26. Excluding free giveaways (such as KDP) - have you ever made it into the top 100 of a list and stayed there for over 2 weeks?
  27. Name one thing you absolutely hate about the publishing and writing world.
  28. Name one thing you love about the publishing and writing world.
  29. What is your ultimate dream in writing and  having your books published?
  30. Add anything else here you feel is pertinent to your book.
  31. Include your links. FB page, Twitter, Blog, Website, LinkedIn, Email, whatever links you wish to appear.
  32. Include here your book links to Amazon, B&N, Goodreads etc.
Good Luck!

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