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Silence Is Not An Option

The amount of comments to the last post, The Day Hitler Became A "Funky Dude", and the often inane and vituperative comments that have been published in Absolute Write under the guise and flag "free speech" and "religious freedom" has forced me to revisit this whole issue once and yet again.

To be honest dealing with hate-mongers is not on the top of my list. To be honest some of the emails and comments show an incredible lack of historical understanding and full of apologetics. To be honest it is tiresome and weary. People who hate - simply hate. And I really suggest that some should just read Hannah Arendt's classic work, The Banality Of Evil.

I have waited for awhile due to other demands on my time. I have thought on this issue - removed from the personal - removed from any desire to immediately answer - or to lash out in cynical remarks. I have waited and read and judged - from comments, to emails, to phone calls, to people offering help, to people asking and telling me that since Absolute Write did them a favor "how could I wash their dirty laundry in public?" (Honestly that made me laugh and shake my head in disbelief.) Shows a real screwed up understanding of priorities and an incredibly ego-centric take on the world. Between Absolute Write and the showing of a Swastika... well it is incumbent upon any normal thinking human being to indeed "wash that linen in public". Indeed it is a moral and ethical sin not to. Besides the fact that any post in Absolute Write is put out there in Public for the PUBLIC to read.

So there were positive and negative comments. That is to be expected.

Let me make this clear as well. There are many good, moral and wonderful people that hang out at Absolute Write. There are many, a great deal, who have sanely stayed away from this argument. There are many others who are too afraid from some perceived vestige of power they wish to give to those who are powerless, to say something in public. Yet the mass hysteria display of a swastika, the lines about Hitler, the utter inane insistence that those lines had to be read in context - was condoned, supported and backed by the person who owns this board along with those who she has appointed to moderate her board. It is like watching the march of the red ants. And thus, because this is public board, because the "official" policy seems so riddled with warped hate; because silence in this area would be equivalent to admission - one must speak up. To those who think that Absolute Write is always right... well most people know where such a philosophy leads.

Whereas I do not make any claim that people at Absolute Write are sporting swastikas because they uphold Nazi beliefs - I am saying, that the posting of swastikas will invariably bring out an emotional response from those in the modern world, and especially from those who were and are effected by that symbol, and there are millions and millions - and rightfully so. And if one takes that hated symbol and posts it with others - to no less and no more - "reclaim" it - then one is showing at the very least an incredible amount of insensitivity and dullness. It becomes frightening when it then causes people to make inane comments about Hitler and the Nazis. It becomes insidious when normal people, not having a clue about what they are defending, follow a leader in some nutty attempt at revisionist history. It becomes loathsome when comments are dismissed as sarcastic and the readers are accused of taking them out of context when such comments can only bring pain and hurt and nightmares to so many. It becomes evil when the excuses are made.

If we remove the personal from all this, there seem to be two divergent lines being taken. First that the swastika showed originally was meant to portray the religious convictions of one person. It was not a swastika. It was not a call to attention. It was a normative expression which every true Buddhist would have done. And thus the swastika adopted by others was also meant to portray a showing of solidarity for this person.

The other argument is deeper and a bit more insidious. It states clearly and simply that yes, the Swastika was used as a symbol by the Nazis to perpetrate the most heinous crime on humanity that has yet to be repeated. (And God help us if it does get repeated.) And yes the Swastika represents evil and death. But it is time to "reclaim" the Swastika. It is time to look at this wondrous symbol with peace and joy and love. After all 60 years have passed. I mean 60 years! That is a lifetime. Move on. Get over it.

The first idea, where the swastika that was shown was not meant as a call to attention nor as a particularly depraved method in making a statement, has been defended in the comments section by one who calls herself Tsuki. You can view both here comments in the post, The Day Hitler Became A "Funky Dude". Tsuki lectures me and all of us on the differences in swastika's, and of course along the line tells me/us how disrespectful we are of the Buddhist/Hindu faith. Of course, Buddhists, real Buddhists, have never and will never use their symbol on a forum board. Of course real Buddhists would do everything NOT TO CALL attention to themselves.

All the time she defended Buddhism and the symbol, well one can smile and take it in. Though this argument does not and never had anything to do with Buddhists. But the moment someone tells me just what I should be doing...well..that is the moment when I must take a step back and say, "Hold on. Wait a second here." And it is the crux, the central point, the focal part of this insidious hate.

Let us see from the comment what Tsuki preaches:
The symbol that SHOULD be offensive to those of Jewish faith is a CLOCKWISE SWASTIKA ON A WHITE CIRCLE WITH A RED BACKGROUND.
Now I know what a Swastika is! So the only swastika I should be offended at, by virtue of being Jewish is the one you describe. Well Tsuki here is a picture-graph.

In other words since none of those Swastikas, do not have a red background and most are not slanted correctly - whether they are painted wrong or right, upside down or sideways - none of them should offend me? They are not being used as hate symbols? Golly Gee! Would you look at that! All those pretty little swastikas must have been painted by well-meaning people who had no desire to offend, harm or kill.

Now let us do a comparison shall we? Just a little itty bitty one. Just to make sure we are all seeing the same hate-ridden symbol. Just to make sure that we are presenting this properly.

Compare the swastika on the right of this picture...

Compare the swastika on the right under the S of "Cleaners"...

And this one...

And the all too familiar...

Jewish graves are a favorite...

Oh yes, I know. There is a symbol - never flaunted, never worn on a lapel. And one is the embodiment of evil. Always flaunted by the hate mongers. Oh yes, I realize one is the symbol of peace and joy and love - the other a symbol of death and horror. Of course we should all look real closely, see the dots, click on links, read the word Swastika emblazoned on top of Internet pages, see the explanations about Nazis and then - "reclaim" the symbol. Or maybe we should just let it go by. Because we all know that Buddhists always flaunt those symbols in public - on forum boards no less - where they know it will cause nightmares for many.

Those symbols above so look like a Nazi SWASTIKA! Now how could any Jew or holocaust survivor take umbrage! Shame on us! We need to see slanted, and red backgrounds. We need to see the EXACT REPLICA before we start having nightmares. I need to look for the dots no less! What a revelation! We need to see it exactly as you see it in the movies before we say - Never Again! We need to see a Storm Trooper in Black Boots and a white on red swastika before we can actually say that those lovely symbols bring every memory of evil personified back into our minds.

Not on your life. Not in a million lifetimes. Those are symbols in the modern world of hate and evil. Buddhists do NOT EVER paint their symbols in public forums outside of their own places of worship or places where they live. They do not go to public forum boards and wave that symbol around in a call to attention. Not ever.

This is so not about Buddhist symbols. This was never about Buddhist symbols. This was about a child who had to call attention to himself, and decided to link a "symbol" to a page emblazoned with the word Swastika also including the Nazi's use of this symbol.

At best this is about "revisionist history". This is about the first step in trying to eradicate the Holocaust from the mind of man. This is about a total and deep lack of understanding just what exactly did happen.

My last worry in the world is offending Buddhists. They are well aware what that symbol means to the mind of modern man. My last worry is that someone became a Buddhist and was proud of the fact and all the more power to a person that does so in purity and good faith. The very fact that the foul phrases used ("scummy holocaust crap" comes to mind just for starters) and the quotes about Hitler (which we will get to) were engendered by all of this, points to things a hell of a lot more sinister than just a Buddhist symbol used by the wrong person in the wrong time in the wrong place.

You want to lecture us on Buddhist symbols. Go right ahead. Don't you ever dare lecture me on what a Jew should be offended at. Don't you dare lecture anyone on just what that symbol means to any normal thinking human being. Don't you dare tell me what should or should not offend me. I have seen those who walk around with a swastika on their arms, in tattoos and elsewhere. They were not painted on red backgrounds. They were upright or upside down and right side left. They could have been sky-blue pink to me for all I care. They were swastikas. And I know damn well what the portrayal of that symbol means. I do not rely on the intelligence of some child who cannot imagine in her wildest dreams what that symbol represents to a nation murdered in cold blood by the bearers of that symbol - to tell me what I should be offended at and how that symbol should look - before I interpret the hate in the eyes of those who wear it, and spray paint it, and put it on their signatures. There is nothing more loathsome, more disgusting, more depraved than a mob mentality defending the use of a swastika as a religious symbol - when they themselves have no clue what they are talking about.

And let us for a moment deal with this shall we. Just a short part of this long post. One called Toothpaste seems to have gotten dragged over the coals for expressing an opposing opinion. (Not to talk about others who were told just where to shove it.) And Toothpaste made it clear, absolutely clear, she/he did not agree with me. (Click here to see the full post.) But then she/he informed all of Absolute Write:
"But I do think the choice should be to show that symbol, but everyone has been telling me the choice in not an act of peace, but rather a means of solidarity in an antagonistic fashion."
This is what Buddhists do? Antagonize? Wear symbols to show their antagonism? And they want people to show solidarity for their symbol by antagonizing others? You have got to be kidding me.

Who is insulting Buddhism now? Who is insulting that religious symbol? Who is making a mockery of it? All the sudden "free speech" people at Absolute Write? Just who here has degraded the symbol of Buddhism into a method of attack and depravity?

So in order to show this "means of solidarity in an antagonistic fashion" others placed a Swastika on their signatures. They were indeed careful. They made sure that they were "teaching" the uneducated among us that a "swastika" does not, in certain societies have any "evil" connotations. They wanted to make it clear that the swastika was and is still used by other societies.

And thus we have this:

And this (The A below should be an image of a swastika as the text bears out):

And this piece (where to be totally fair to the poster of the Swastika below, where he wrote "Here for your enjoyment" he simply pulled that picture from Wikipedia's article on Swastikas. The exact same article where the authors made it clear:
In the Western world, since World War II, the swastika is usually associated with the flag of Nazi Germany and the Nazi Party. Prior to this association, swastikas were used throughout the western world.)

The mob attacks. They sing "all for one and one for all". They hold the symbol up and scream their loyalty. They do so without understanding or thinking.

So according to these people, either the Swastika is a symbol that must be "reclaimed" or it is a symbol that should be recognized by one and all - symbolizing the Buddhist tradition. Or a symbol of farmers from Tibet or the Navajo Medicine Men. Perhaps there are others that use this symbol as well. Funny how I did not see not ONE person wear a swastika on their signature and say:
"This symbol was also used by Hitler and Nazi Germany to murder, rape and kill in a megalomaniac war millions upon millions of people - and was also used to send millions to their death in concentration camps."
Indeed since we are quoting eclectic and "revisionist" statements, maybe we should also quote this as well (For a full link - go here.) And this is from an article trying to show the differences between the symbols and how the Buddhist symbol is a mirror image of the Nazi Swastika.


The swastika is a symbol representing the Nazi party and all of the evil that party stood for: anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, hatred of homosexuals, desire to eliminate the handicapped and infirm, etc.

It wasn't always that way. The swastika is an ancient and frequently recurring symbol, found in many different cultures during many different times. One can find the swastika associated with Hopi Indians, Aztecs, the Celts, Buddhists, Greeks, Hindus (swastika derives from Sanskrit and means to be well), etc.

Whatever and however noble its ancient heritage, the symbol of the swastika has been forever tainted in the West because of its Nazi association.

The fact remains that the symbol was also and most recently used by the Nazis. The fact remains that most people know and realize that Buddhists never use this symbol to flaunt or antagonize especially in public - especially on a public forum board. The fact remains that the only reason any person displayed a swastika was to either call pathetic attention to themselves - knowing full well that such an act is depraved - or as was so aptly put as a "means of solidarity in an antagonistic fashion". More to the point, if this symbol was being expressed as an act of love, then why, the question is asked, why did it engender such shocking statements on Absolute Write about Hitler and the Nazis? Why even after all the explanations did many find it completely shocking? Why were so many disgusted at it? Why were they told to shut up when they voiced opposition to the "means of solidarity in an antagonistic fashion" being displayed at Absolute Write? Even in light of the fact that it certainly is true that in today's society - "the swastika is usually associated with the flag of Nazi Germany and the Nazi Party."

I honestly have no real answers to these questions. I can put it down to ignorance. I can explain it away as simply being not aware what the swastika truly means to many who were and are effected by it. I can say it is insidious hate. I can say it is just plain old stupidity. I can give a million answers and none truly cover the horrendous display that was made at Absolute Write of swastikas and Hitler/Nazi lines.

Indeed perhaps it would be good to remember that - "Whatever and however noble its ancient heritage, the symbol of the swastika has been forever tainted in the West because of its Nazi association."

However I do know some things are completely and totally inexcusable. And so we are forced now to deal with the "sarcastic wit". Let us for the moment show the picture of this wonderful post.

Now of course Ben, who calls himself Loquax on Absolute Write, must have been appalled that his post would be hung out for all the world to see. And so he commented in the thread, The Day Hitler Became A "Funky Dude".
I would just like to point out that what I wrote was a quote from social satirist Bill Hicks. Our intentions were both light hearted, and do not represent our true feelings on the matter - such is the nature of satire and sarcasm. It disappoints me I have to point this out.

But what you have written about me and my friends is from the heart. Your insults are not jokes. Not only are they not jokes, neither are they directed at us. Your badmouthing is behind our backs, in the safety of your moderated blog. You did not contact me for explanation or an apology request. You simply insulted me behind my back and expected things to "get better". Your actions have been petty, immature, and quite frankly laughable for a man of your age and intelligence.

The difference between us is that your words are intended to harm, whereas ours are intended to crack a smile or raise an eyebrow. Our hearts are free of hate - yours is brimming with it. The poison in your words, and the disrespect you show to your fellow man, is disgusting. I want you to understand this, and I want you to seriously consider the intentions behind what you have written.

I also strongly suggest you direct your hate at the real problems of our world - not at the sarcastic ramblings of an online writing group. You have passion in your heart, and it needs a vent. Find something constructive to do - all you are achieving here is destruction and hatred. Do you really think our world needs more of that?

Or perhaps we need tolerance and the ability to laugh at ourselves.
Just to remind you, here is the comment meant to "crack a smile".
Hitler had the right idea, he was just an underachiever.
So of course it is sarcastic wit. This was a comment intended to "crack a smile"! This is funny! This is from someone "free of hate". Someone with a deep understanding of history and the Nazis. Someone full of sensitivity for holocaust survivors. This is just to "crack a smile"! Now I have heard it all.

Thing is, that little ditty he quoted is at least 40 years old. I heard it from some skinheads when they were not called skinheads when I was 14 years old. Thing is no matter how you look at it, no matter how you want it to come out - it is just plain evil and sick. Imagine a comedian saying that from a stage. Or someone on radio or television coming out with that line. Or a public figure in a normal country espousing such a thought. The person, thankfully, would be ripped apart in the press in less than 5 seconds. And yet for some reason it is excused on Absolute Write. That can only point to an insidious sick deeply depraved way of thinking.

There are some things you just do not say. There are some lines that no matter how funny they sound to your ears - that remain inexcusable and just plain disgusting. Forever. There is no turning back.

You said it and signed your name to it. Worse, you defended it when you should have apologized and then hid under a rock. It is your swastika now.

There is no "context" for such a line. There is no before and after. There is no excuse. It is one of those things that once uttered stands in all its glory all by itself. Insistence by the writer of that line and others at Absolute Write that this does not portray a sick, evil thought- that it should be seen in context as "sarcasm" - that it is not the quintessence of hate and certainly not anti-semitic - does not fly. This line along with others is one of those lines that simply portray hatred in all its manifestations.

You think excusing this away in some fashion where you try to sound like an intellect will excuse just what you said and all the memories such a line brings to the fore. Insulting you? Damn straight. You insulted an entire people - No, you did much worse than that. You insulted millions upon millions of people that were killed in the name of the megalomania of the "underachiever". Sarcastic wit? Cracking a smile? Laughing at ourselves by calling Hitler an underachiever? What dark hole did you crawl out of?

Underachiever? Lets see how much of smile we can crack here. Let us just look at some of the images this line brings to the fore, shall we? Since it seems words only bring out the evil, let us try pictures. Maybe then those who think this is some "rant" will possibly think twice at defending the Swastika and portraying it. Maybe, but I doubt it. (Every single picture below is taken from Holocaust archives. Easy to find. Easy to view.)

You mean this picture from Bergen Belsen should "crack a smile"?

Or maybe this one from Auschwitz of the Germans being forced to view what the underachiever had accomplished?

Tell me how many human beings, how many lives does this pile of glasses represent? How much underachieving is there? How much of a "funky dude" Hitler must have been!

Or maybe this one from bodies being burned in a pit in Poland?

Or maybe this one of mass murder?

Or this?

Or this?


This is what the underachiever line of yours and others makes any Jew and non-Jew who has a semblance of self respect see in their mind. Sarcastic wit? Crack a smile? If you truly believe such a thing and sadly I believe you do, I believe you are just simply too dulled to see the nature of your words and their evil... then what a sick, dark and evil place your mind must be.

And truthfully in the end it is sadly time for a picture history lesson. About the "funky dude" and the "underachiever". Let us see why normal human beings are horrified when they see the Swastika. Let us understand why excuses about using "sarcasm" just do not cut it. Why they are simply excuses and point to insidious hate on a real deep level. Let us understand why I personally do not give a damn in what color or how the swastika is displayed - because in the end as we saw above the only reason it was displayed was to provoke. You must possess a real sick mind, a shallow understanding of history and a real twisted view on the world to be able to demand that the swastika should be reclaimed. Any sick, twisted, demented individual who would dare post such a line and then hide behind "Hey, it is not my fault. It is just sarcastic wit. I am sorry to have to point that out!" - is not only evil but a coward to boot. But then again I am not surprised. Not in the least.

You see the Swastika bearers did this to our children. It was just a medical experiment. They did it to please the underachiever who was a funky dude, wearing the swastika.

They murdered us in cold blood and took pictures of it in pride.

When one allows things like this to pass in silence, then it is no wonder we find tee-shirts like this being worn by people - to "crack a smile" as it were. (And by the way, that tee-shirt caused such a ruckus it was taken down the moment it hit the press that it was being sold at a popular Internet site. But why? I mean, hey, it is funny...isn't it?)

In three weeks we commemorate Yom HaShoah (lit. "The Day of the Holocaust) or as it is known throughout the world "Holocaust Remembrance Day". Jews and non-Jews all over the world commemorate this day. On that day, at 11:00 AM precisely, the wail of a mournful siren is heard throughout Israel for two eternal minutes. Souls of six million children, women and men whisper to us as we stand with heads bowed listening to that siren. We listen. We listen and utter the Kaddish for those six million slaughtered human beings. We remember. We burn what the swastika bearers did to our people and the rest of humanity not 60 years ago into our collective and singular conscience. We feel the tears flow. The sorrow. We look to blame God and the ministering angels - asking God - "Why?"

And in the words of the Kaddish we find the frightening truth. We understand that it is not God that wrought this destruction - but a portion of mankind who for a moment in history traded places with Satan himself, and with a swastika emblazoned as a symbol upon their hearts went out on a rampage of hate and murder such as the world never knew.

It was our silence that allowed this to occur. The silence of those who saw the swastika and listened to exactly what a monster was going to do - and said "That is just a scare tatic. The Jews are being made into a scapegoat just to unite the Aryan nation. No one is going to mass murder an entire people."

And when it was over, even while they had seen the ashes of the concentration camp crematoria rain down upon their villages and cities for years; even while every morning they awoke to the smell of burning flesh; even while they stayed silent - they claimed:

"We did not know!"
"We did not believe it was happening."
"We were only following orders."

When that siren goes off on Holocaust Remembrance Day it is a reminder. We do not want to reclaim the swastika. We do not want to purify it. How does one purge the blood of millions from the symbol that caused the murder? How does one forget it?

We remember. We burn into our hearts and minds. We teach our children. And their children. And we will teach our great-great-great great grandchildren to remember. Because if we fail in that task - if the Kaddish ever fails to pass over our lips - if we choose to forgive and forget - if we allow ourselves to become complacent - if for one moment in time we choose to ignore statements of hate which do not belong upon the lips of civilized man - it will happen again.

So you must excuse us when someone normal sees a swastika, then reads lines about Hitler being "a funky dude" and "an underachiever" - we don't break out in laughter at the great awesome wit. You will excuse us please, if we refuse to forget. You will excuse us if we get a wee bit "over-emotional" at such things. You will excuse us if we see the mob mentality take over - and the swastika come out once again in all its loathsome glory - to antagonize; to bite; to remind us; to make us shiver with fear in the night. You will excuse us when we say "Never Again".

Silence Is Not An Option.

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Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen Wins 2007 Best Food Blog Award!

Well it is not Cobwebs Of The Mind, but I am proud to announce that Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen, the blog I run on cooking and recipes has reached a plateau. The first post in Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen was on Nov. 8th 2006 and it made it to the finalists in the WebLog Awards. Well the results were announced today and I just got them and am shocked! Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen has won the Webbies - WebLog 2007 Awards as the Best Food Blog!

Webbies - WebLog 2007 Awards as the Best Food Blog!"

All I can say is thank you to all those who helped and voted and thank you to all those who submit recipes.

But this is just a short post, thanking everyone for making Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen the choice for Best Food Weblog at the 7th Annual Weblog Awards!.

And if you are into recipes, humorous stories and just an overall good time, visit Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen. Glad to have you!

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The Day Hitler Became A "Funky Dude"

I want to thank those who sent in either comments or email in regard to this really serious breach of moral ethics that took place on Absolute Write. I have received to date over 93 emails from over 60 individuals, some members of Absolute Write, others simply casual or first time readers of Cobwebs Of The Mind. All have expressed anywhere from shock to moral repugnance at what has been excused on a recognized "writer's" forum as something not to be embarrassed about (to say the least).

The following post has honestly been a few days in preparation. It is not only to show, as they say, "black on white" just what has been posted, but it is to show the utter hypocrisy and degradation of the very same people, owners, administrators, moderators and members who have been so vociferous in their defense of the swastika. They use words to try and intimidate as made crystal clear in foul-mouth land and in Absolute Write.

But first why? Why continue? The reason is simple. If this was just a show of idiotic moral depravity than we have made our point. But it is more than that. This has become a circus of hypocrisy and arrogance. It is not that the swastika and other symbols of hate are approved of - it is not the lines about Hitler that are approved of and other sick lines and cute posts - it is ONLY the lines about Hitler that are left. It is only those who post about such things who are defended.

This points to something more than stupidity. It shows insidious hate. It shows moral and ethical bankruptcy. It is sick, cursed and disgusting - and it damn well needs to be pointed out and everything must be done to stop it. This is not something to let lie and hope it goes away. Lots and lots and lots of people did that with the Nazis and I do not think we have to reiterate where that philosophy took them.


If you have not yet read the other posts describing in detail just what this is all about may I suggest you read in order as follows:
  1. Depravity, Disgust and Stupidity - Passing Ignorance Around Like A Venereal Disease.
  2. Never Again
  3. Doctrine Of The Lie
  4. The Banality Of Evil
  5. On The Bastardization Of Language
  6. Who Let The Dogs Out?

There are some things that amaze; there are others that shock; there are even others that horrify. Then there is just plain down and stupid. Ordinarily "stupid" should be passed over. Stupid, crass, foolish, hate-riddled people should either be ignored or locked up or just plain tossed on their ear and rear.

That is when hate is not "house-policy". But when it becomes "house-policy" then the only thing left to do is either move away and let the neighborhood go to the dogs and let all that dog-poo pile up - or take back the neighborhood.

Some of us prefer to walk away. Why deal with it? Who needs it? Sick is sick is sick. After all we have seen and heard, from bladder-weak megalomaniacs, to self-proclaimed language lovers who spew forth foul, vindictive idiocies, to sycophants who produce brothers, sisters and cats all who seem to either "embrace" becoming Jewish or becoming "gophers" - take your pick - it is a circus of hate.

So today we are going to make a slide show for all those wonderful hate-riddled hypocrites over at Absolute Write of their words and a few pictures.

The amazing thing about people who call others names while proclaiming their own self-worth is that they manage to point the finger at their own ignorance. Let us for a moment take a look at this cast of misfits that runs, administrates and moderates Absolute Write along with their very own fan club. Let us look at this cast and then look at their very own words for a few minutes. Let us take the time to read, think, judge and then either laugh or cry at just how ludicrous they sound while wearing the "King's Clothes".

You guys know the old saying - "Out of the mouths of Babes..."

We have a linguist who seems to seriously get off in some odd fetish-laden way by cursing and displays orgiastic anger when she is challenged; a woman who calling those who find her desire to purify the swastika a fairly disgusting and idiotic goal labeling all those who disagree with her - "uneducated"; a self-proclaimed writer, buying legitimacy by becoming an owner of a writer's forum board where hypocrisy and double-standards are the game of the day and she is the worst of the offenders; and a whole bunch of well - frothing dogs - who live for the attention; a child who is not really a child - suddenly become a Buddhist while writing pornography and linking to pages with the word "Swastika" emblazoned throughout. He brings with him yet another child who lives on Internet chat rooms, and seems to be completely bereft of friends her own age except for virtual people and a totally witless mentality where without even beginning to understand that nature of stupid deed, calls for the "taking back and purification of the swastika". (Bet you she has a pet dog and half a cat that sooner or later we will hear embraced Judaism somewhere along the line.)

This is some of our cast of people. Of course we could go on and on - the actors are all second and third rate. The only one of merit, if you call what he writes with merit, seems to think that hiding from swastikas will just make the problem go away. Kind of an "Ostrich mentality". He is a conundrum of sorts, I admit it. The only excuse is that if you take away his "professor chair" at Absolute Write, well no one else is going to offer him one or pay attention to him. So one might say he needs to protect his turf. While this is legitimate for him, it becomes loathsome when we are told that by "putting an offensive signature on ignore" and allowing it to stay so that others can see it - solves the problem. Indeed this is ignorance at its best or worst. Here is what this great author had to say: (As usual picture of post included then the quote in case you cannot read it.)

Absolute Write Author Genius
If someone's sig really offends you, the Ignore button is at your command.

Here's how to use it:

Click on the person's name (on the left of the post). The first choice on the drop-down menu will be "View Public Profile." Select that.

You'll see a dark-blue line with the words "Add Name To Your Buddy List" and "Add Name To Your Ignore List." Click on "Add Name To Your Ignore List."

You will never be troubled by that offensive sig again.
No, you won't be troubled by that offensive signature. But, scratching my head in a bit of disbelief here... Why don't the moderators do that when they find something not to their liking as well? I mean it is easy to make hate go away. Just put it on ignore! Hey, why didn't we think of this 5000 years ago. Ignore the problem and it will go away! By golly wiz! Woohoo! Now I know why so many people in Absolute Write gravitate to asking questions of this genius. With such clarity of thought, such incredible erudition and intelligence - we have solved the problem. Ignore the hate mongers. They will disappear. Magic!

I mean just a couple of days ago, didn't the Forum Board owner get so mad in a discussion that this is what she said: (I am only quoting the end here, because she said some fairly personal things which have nothing to do with our discussion. And btw.. Bird is a piece of human garbage which we discussed in a previous thread, known as BOP. And he should have gotten banned for what he said. But then again he should have been banned for the lies he told about Jews before as well. Ah well...) First of course the actual picture of the post lest you think I am kidding. Click to see it really well with all the wonderful words and such.

Absolute Write @ Its Best

Quoted below is the last paragraph of this post:
I'm closing this thread. I don't want to see one more goddamned word about this from anyone. You want censorship, Bird? THIS is how censorship works
Why didn't Mac just put Bird on ignore? Problem solved! No need to get upset! All done!

And so we shall deal with this cast today, in the only way the can be dealt with. They want a grade B soap opera - then by golly gee - we are going to give them a grade B soap opera. You have to appreciate true ignorant people when you meet them - you really have to appreciate them.


Here is what happens when you ignore people. They put comments up - then are forced to retract blaming it on their great sarcastic funny bone. You guys remember this one from our previous posts, don't you?
And those nasty comments about Hitler should stop too. He's a fellow writer, and yet people keep making personal attacks against him.
And of course how could you not remember our intelligent, witty, sarcastic laden friend Louqax don't you? We discussed him a couple of posts ago in "Who Let The Dogs Out?"He was the one who said the following:

Cobwebs Of The Mind

You can click on that picture to get true real up front and close view of his great statement which is:

"Hitler had the right idea, he was just an underachiever."

Well then you thought - you had seen it all didn't you? I mean it was written, posted and left there. So you really thought - hell now I have seen it all. Well, think again.

Out of the Internet World comes another genius - member of the "I want to be recognized for the great, intelligent writer that I am" crowd. All of 25 years old, and already making a name for herself. I just cannot wait to meet the agent that signs this "writer" up.

Cobwebs Of The Mind

Just in case you cannot read this message of intelligence and wit, let us lay it out for you. (You can also click on the picture of the post to get it up front and close!)

"I respect Hitler too. He's a funky dude"

Now in the best case scenario the poster of this piece of Einsteinian wit will come back and say since there is a smiley next to that line - that shows it was meant in humor and sarcasm. So before this idiotic statement is made - let us see who she is calling a "funky" dude. Someone who was responsible for the world being enveloped in war and the mass murder of millions. Hmm... This is someone you call a "funky" dude in joking? This is something you joke about?

This is coming on a board where people are supposed to show a modicum of intelligence?

Let us assume for the moment that we are dealing with a below average intellect here (fair assumption I would think). Then why the hell is this post left up? Why was it not immediately deleted? Oh that's right! Respect for the fellow writer. I forgot that rule. How dumb of me!

So first we have one named Mac, who comments:
And those nasty comments about Hitler should stop too. He's a fellow writer, and yet people keep making personal attacks against him
Then we have Loquax who puts in his smart comment about Hitler being an underachiever, then we have TrulyAnna, another great genius calling Hitler a "funky dude".

Does anyone see a pattern here? Does anyone see the picture these great writers are painting for us? Are those who travel the Internet Byways into Absolute Write, so morally deficient, corrupt and weak that they do not see the problem here?

Oh but we are still not done, and I do admit I almost skipped over this following comment made by this piece of human garbage. Until .. well until... you will see. First the picture (so you can click on it to get real close and personal and sick) then the quote spelled out all pretty for all of us to see.

Cobwebs Of The Mind

Just to print this out for those with bad eyes.
"Nazi Germany had some benefits also. just like under any dictatorship, there was a rule of law and trains ran on time. not to mention many folks believe its grievances were legitimate and right.

But when someone flies a Nazi flag, other people can only think about the concentration camps."
Now to be honest, this anonymous twit is full of comments which are about as intelligent as the one above. Long ago I realized this is just a piece of human garbage. When I was emailed this comment by no less than 4 people in 4 different emails, I was tempted to let it go. Yes he writes in present tense. And yes the comment about "only think about the concentration camps" is very unnerving when thought about in a cold logical manner.

And I got to thinking. Out of all the statements to make - out of all the things to say nice about a dictatorship, (huh? that is such a stupid statement isn't it?) - out of all the analogies to make - you make one about the Nazis and Trains????

Forget the rest of this comment for a moment. Forget the fact that someone saying this should be ostracized so fast he would not know which way was up. Forget the fact that the rest of the comment is horrendous and hate-filled and sick. Forget it all.

Trains?????? Nazis?????????? Any child knows that the trains which this idiot praises - were the way the Jews were transported to the death camps. Any child knows that when you equate Nazis with trains you are doing so for ONLY ONE PURPOSE. This is what is good about the Nazis? The trains ran on time? More Jews to kill? Easier to clean the Jewish vermin from the streets? Faster way to make soap?



And so it goes on and on. But wait! Could there be more? You better believe it!

You do remember our favorite Linguist, don't you? The one who input her great intelligence into her post over at foul-mouth land? Her great words and all. The one who wrote a beautifully worded answer in her blog as follows:
Subject: Fuck off
You self-righteous piece of shit.

I know plenty of Jews who KNOW what the Buddhist symbol means and appreciate it. To pull this holocaust crap is scummy, in my opinion.
Yep this is what a linguist does. Don't that just blow the wind out of your sails?

BUT..wait! There is so much more. You remember the whole wonderful statement made by all these people that it is time to reclaim the Swastika. Time to forget its evil. Time to forgive and forget, and return its symbolization to something warm and sunny and so full of love.

Try this one on for size written by our very same Linguist AFTER she thought she was finished with the "scummy holocaust crap".

Now the discussion here was about gay lifestyle and all that. But let us see what Lisa the Linguist (LL) has to say about the use of words. Here is a picture of the post (just in case you do not believe me. You can click on it to see the original much clearer.)

Cobwebs Of The Mind - Absolute Write Hypcrisy

Let me quote this incredible piece of hypocrisy in full - just to make sure you get the idea and understand how truly hate-riddled this woman and her friends are.

There's a thing people of various groups, subcultures, religions, ethnic and racial groups do, of trying to "reclaim" words, or taking a word with negative hurtful power and removing the power of the word to hurt by using it voluntarily themselves. "A reclaimed word is a word that was formerly used solely as a slur but that has been semantically overturned by members of the maligned group, who use it as a term of defiant pride" (American Heritage Dictionary; see queer).

I understand this practice intellectually, but . . . I still flinch when I hear a someone I love use the word kike or fag or dyke to refer to themselves. I can't help it. It isn't conscious; it's a gut reaction, and emotional.

There's also a similar but very very tricky linguistic phenomenon where a non-member of the group or subculture can use the terms in some circumstances with specific members of the subculture and it isn't a problem.

That's high risk behavior. You'd best be very very sure of the person you use the loaded terms with. In many cases non-members are absolutely not sanctioned to use the loaded terms.

Part of my personal problem with "reclaimed" words -- and this is very very much a personal issue and about me -- is that I can't actually find any instance where such a word, a hurtful word, has been successfully reclaimed and has no power to hurt.

At the same time, I very much don't believe in not using words, in saying "the f-bomb" for fag. I'd rather say: This is a word with a troubled past and which has a wide range of loaded and potentially hurtful and inflammatory meanings" than by coy about it.

I've had two gay male friends tell me they specifically prefer to be called fag. can't, really, do it without flinching. I just can't. It's what they want, so I try, but I flinch. I can't disassociate the word from the pain that I know it's caused in the past.

I also struggle with the now pretty much standard word queer; queer has been mostly reclaimed in academic studies; you will find people working in Queer Studies and who in terms of literature specialize in Queer Theory, for instance.

Etymologically, to me, queer still means twisted, awry, bent.

I hate to think of people applying that meaning to themselves. I also hate the term straight for a heterosexual, since it implies things that are equally potentially damaging and hurtful.

I suspect that my emotional reactions are because, well, I'm a text geek, but they're still there. I still flinch.
Does this need any deep analogy or explaining? I would hope not. This woman states unequivocally that she knows that terms cannot be "reclaimed" because they still have hurtful meanings. They cannot be purified. She flinches at the term "queer". But she is willing to reclaim the SWASTIKA! She thinks this does NOT give pain?

Are you readers getting the picture? Do you need a map? Do you see the hate oozing through?

Oh but there is more!

You remember the commentor here, Jean Marie, who called us all uneducated for not realizing that the Swastika was originally a symbol of beauty? Remember her? We are uneducated. Well here is what she has to say AFTER calling us uneducated for not reclaiming the Swastika. Medievalist is LL - Lisa The Linguist!
Medievalist, I have to agree w/ you on the usage of the word "queer." I flinch, too. And it's because of the history of the word. I remember years ago, when it was derogatory;now it isn't.

I see Mac use it, and still flinch. I'm trying to wrap my mind around the reclamation thing. Maybe, I'll be able to...eventually.
Oh it is all right to reclaim a swastika but hard to use the word "queer"?

Tell me folks what am I missing here?

We must add the following. Simply because it kind of is one of those proverbial nails in the coffin. It is amazing.

Remember above that I quoted from a discussion that was then closed by the board owner because she did not like what was said (and she shouldn't have put it up with it either actually.) Remember she told "Bird" aka "Bird of Prey" aka "BOP" as follows:
I'm closing this thread. I don't want to see one more goddamned word about this from anyone. You want censorship, Bird? THIS is how censorship works.
Well here is what happened to Bird of Prey afterwards. Posted by LL, our cunning linguist, who is a super administrator on the Absolute Write Forum board.

Absolute Write Hypcorisy
I've given Bird of Prey a three day ban. I wanted to make it permanent, but MacAllister didn't. Bird of Prey has been given a fair amount of leeway, but has indulged in personal attacks to an extent that really can't be excused. Bird of Prey is right to be upset, and seriously concerned about violence against women, but needs to realize that insulting and attacking members, targeting female members, isn't going to solve a problem that women everywhere deal with on a daily basis, and have done for thousands of years. We do need to change behavior; but that includes the way we treat other people all the time everywhere. Including here.
Now don't that just blow you away? Bird of Prey is banned for three days and almost forever for making derogatory comments about women and violence. Well, this set them off. And as it should be - this anonymous piece of human garbage should have been banned from even using a computer the day after he made his appearance.

But folks. WAIT! Do not think for a moment that Loquax, Bravo, Mac #2, or TrulyAnna, let alone our Buddhist who links to Swastika emblazoned pages, got banned even for a second for their Hitler comments. OH NO! God Forbid. That people is freedom of speech!

You just got to love hypocrisy. You really got to love it! Someone should be taking their own advice.

I could go on and on. But for now we will let the above sink in. Since Absolute Write does ask for money from members, does run auctions for its coffers and does accept donations it is somewhat of a commercial enterprise. Customers, which in this case are members are kind of important. So this is my parting comment to those who partake in the running of this hate filled, morally decrepit universe.


Posts In This Series:
  1. Depravity, Disgust and Stupidity - Passing Ignorance Around Like A Venereal Disease.
  2. Never Again
  3. Doctrine Of The Lie
  4. The Banality Of Evil
  5. On The Bastardization Of Language
  6. Who Let The Dogs Out?
  7. The Day Hitler Became A "Funky Dude"

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Tiny Slivers from a Silver Horn - New Short Story


Among the great legends of creation, it is oft forgotten that all the heavenly bodies came into existence with the command of He who nurtures the universe. Since the dawn of creation, every night at precisely midnight, when darkness threatens to engulf the earth and devour it back into nothingness, it has been the tradition of the stars hanging in the sky to offer praise to He who created them. In this way the stars serve to remind the darkness surrounding them that it, too, has a creator. And thus, hearing the song of the luminaries, He who rules the darkness keeps it in check, balanced, and within bounds.

Intertwined and inseparable from the song of the stars is a tale which has been lost to the wisdom of man pertaining to the Unicorns. This majestic creation, from the beginning of time followed by all generations proceeding from its loins, was charged with the responsibility of awakening the stars in the heavens from their slumber. And if the Unicorn could not accomplish its task for whatever reason, and the stars failed to be awakened to sing their praise of He who rules good and evil, the darkness upon the earth would begin to spread insipidly. The light which brought all which is good to creation would slowly be extinguished. Thus the balance of nature and perhaps the fate of the world was determined and rested upon the horn of one Unicorn in each generation.

As all such tales originate, this tale too finds its roots in the dawn of mankind, a time when legends were truth and truth became legend, a time which would, over the years, become clouded in much mystique and confusion, a time when the world was a garden, and paradise lay beneath the feet of those who called it their abode, a time when human meshed with the divine, and the divine nurtured the human…a time when evil laid long-range plans for dominion, while good joined in the battle allowing for balance.

Into this time, we will allow our minds to enter, for it is here our tale, the Legend of the Unicorn, begins and yet never ends.

So begins the short story, "Tiny Slivers from a Silver Horn" published in March, at The Deepening. "Tiny Slivers from a Silver Horn" is in truth a conglomeration of imagination, ancient legends and a long-lost Hassidic story. It is the 11th short story of mine published over the past 15 months.

The Unicorn, like the Phoenix, is a legendary animal that appears in many of the legends of the formative religions of the world. They represent different things in different eras. The Unicorn certainly has captured the imagination of artists, legend-tellers, and writers for thousands of years. It seems to always represent kindness and compassion and at times wisdom. Judaism itself is not bereft of such legends though the Phoenix (which will appear in other stories of mine) is certainly the most central "legendary" animal to appear within Jewish legend and Kabalah.

"Tiny Slivers from a Silver Horn" is a story of choices and one that was written in a frenzy of an idea, as I am sure many stories and novels are. The original impetus came when I happen to come across an old Hasidic legend while doing research for my novel, "The Sabbath Candles of Kotzk". I was immediately shaken by the original story and its implications in Hasidic lore. And thus "Tiny Slivers from a Silver Horn" was born.

The editors had this to say about "Tiny Slivers from a Silver Horn".
This one will bring tears, hope, and quiet joy forever.
A kind, understanding heart is required here.

Listen always, without ever abandoning hope, for the blast upon the horn of the Unicorn.

It's message will always be true.

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Who Let The Dogs Out?

When I first posted the original article on the depravity of someone putting a swastika on their symbol in, Depravity, Disgust and Stupidity - Passing Ignorance Around Like A Venereal Disease, we were met with the argument that this is a symbol of love and peace. The curses and lies started flying over in foul-mouth land and so in order to make it clear that this was not something that would intimidate and to make the point clear Never Again followed.

By that time more and more people were showing disgust and shock at exactly what was being written and printed in Absolute Write under the guise of "free speech" and "religious tolerance". By that time the point was made as clear as most thought it could be made. Except for those of us who knew that the appearance of a swastika, no matter in what form, no matter under what guise or excuse, was symptom of a deep rot.

Patience was called for. Not a great deal mind you, but patience. Hate never fails to rear its ugly face.

Indeed, knowing that the current owner of Absolute Write and her jolly stooges hid constantly behind a veneer of "open-mindedness" made waiting in patience that much easier. The surface was scratched and all that was needed was to wait just a bit longer for the ugly rot to come out.

The dogs had awoken. They were starving for flesh. And once awakened their baying in the moonlight became a clarion call.

And so the next post - Doctrine Of The Lie - to just set the record straight as it were. And the stage was being set.

We were dealing with a "teen" who is not a teen, who is a Buddhist Pornographic Author (anyone find something funny with being a Buddhist and writing Erotica or Pornography?) who felt the inner compulsion to place a swastika with a link to a page whose heading is emblazoned with the word "Swastika". Then we deal with a woman who is a linguist who seems to know more curse words than a NY City taxi driver and cannot handle those who are in conflict with her world view. Along those lines we find a few really interesting and intelligent quotations from those who want to make a point. All this in the name of a symbol of peace and love.

Patience was called for. Not a great deal mind you, but patience, nonetheless. Hate never fails to rear its ugly face.

As if the appearance of a swastika on this board of Absolute Write were not enough, as if the pathetic attempt to hide it behind some other symbol was not so transparent - we were then met with another yet compelling argument. We were told that the time has come to purify the Swastika. That was enough to scare the living shit out of any normal human being. And thus many people wrote me telling me to just forget the ignorants. Ahh, but the lessons of life I have learned well. It was clear that sooner or later we would get to the crux of this matter. To the utter depravity that was clear from the beginning.

Patience was called for. Not a great deal mind you, but patience, nonetheless. Hate never fails to rear its ugly face.

The dogs were frothing at the mouth. "Soon", I told myself, "real soon they will not be able to hide their intentions much longer".

Then came the post, The Banality Of Evil. And out of the mouth of babes (or frothing dogs) came the defender. She posted comments. Telling us how uneducated we were, and how since she is mixture of every race, religion and creed under the sun, she knows it all. It effects her, because, we had the audacity to say something not nice about her friend. Oh my! Such audacity. And what a shame that the Swastika was adopted by Nazi Germany because it simply is a wonderful symbol and really should mean love, peace and goodwill to all men. Well not much of a surprise there. Except for the "uneducated" part. I mean hell, if you want to call Jews and those who are not Jews but who understand the depravity of such things bad names - the just say it. Say it with gusto.

"Those damn Jews and those screwed up Jew Lovers. May they all rot in hell".

And yet enough was enough. Why continue? Why drive home a point that was made again and again? Why point out, step by step, what the real nature of this whole incident was?

Patience was called for. Not a great deal mind you, but patience, nonetheless. Hate never fails to rear its ugly face.

And so the last post. On The Bastardization Of Language. Making it clear for all those who can read and from the uneducated, just how much rot existed in Absolute Write. Just how far a few people had gone in their own sick, darkened minds. Making it clear, that games of words do not intimidate and they are simply smoke screens for the real thing.

Actually it took less time than expected. It had begun a couple of days ago, and I was made aware of it. But I knew it would just take a few more moments in time for the dogs to be freed. I knew it was just simply put - a matter of time. The only question was, is and will be, is Who Let The Dogs Out?

And to that question we will now try and discover the answer.

Let us begin with this wondrous comment posted in order to make fun of a woman, who stated clearly in Absolute Write as follows: (all taken from a thread which you are welcome to go look at - http://absolutewrite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=56692. Unfortunately you must sign up to do so.)
Forum Rule: Respect Your Fellow Writer

An action taken without bad intentions can be viewed as a mistake. Becoming aware that your action was tasteless and not taking steps to correct it ... it's a disrespectful offense.

For goodness sake, if you've been made aware that your signature is offensive to a fellow writer, please change it.

Respect ... it is a forum rule, correct?
Seems like a normal, sane request actually. But then again....
So of course this request was met with a statement on philosophy by the "board owner" one calling herself Mac. (Jean's friend if you are following the thread closely for all parts of this hate-filled depraved soap opera.)
Well, no. Respecting your fellow writer means no personal attacks. No name-calling. No intentional cruelty or baiting. Having respect doesn't mean you're at the mercy of anyone who wants to kick sand on your shoes just because they believe or think a different way than you do. What you absolutely cannot do is impose your own sensibilities on your fellow members.

I'm pretty sure that we'll all be offended at one time or another by things that are said or seen here.

But I'll guarantee you right now that I'm not going to censor someone or ask people to censor themselves for having religious, political, or moral beliefs different than mine or yours. We have a really amazingly diverse membership. That's important, valuable, and a priceless opportunity to learn about experiences outside of our own.
In other words placing a swastika on the signature is not "intentional cruelty or baiting". And by asking to remove it this is within the parameter of: "What you absolutely cannot do is impose your own sensibilities on your fellow members."

No problem. Supposedly this is a privately owned board. (Not exactly true because Absolute Write asks for "donations" towards memberships and also has some running auctions for Mac and her crew to further propagate their hate and depravity. But hell, people are taken in by much more sophisticated operations than this one. But we will get to this one as well...don't you fret your little heads!)

No Problem. Such is the view of the power that is. Depraved and Sick. Of course it is. But nevertheless - her opinion.

Oops! Oops Again! Let us back up for a second. Let us review just one line:
"No intentional cruelty or baiting."
Cool Beans, Jelly Beans. Wow - let us see how that works in reality shall we?

Now the original poster asking for respect, is a woman who runs a blog and her entire life dedicated to women in the prevention of Breast Cancer. So one would think that at least in such a case, others would at least give respect where respect is due. So let us see how much respect she got, and just what was posted. (By the way, Mac seems to be a fairly interesting name in these threads.)
Yeah - there are some people with the word B-R-E-A-S-T in their signature.

They should change it.

And those nasty comments about Hitler should stop too. He's a fellow writer, and yet people keep making personal attacks against him.

Oops! Right after the owner of the board, Mac #1 posts her statement of "No intentional cruelty or baiting" not more than 7-8 posts following the above ditty appears.

Now let us see who really let the dogs out?

So the thread was locked. Why? Well someone, namely the previous owner of Absolute Write, had the sensitivity to know that Mac #2 was insulting a woman who should not be insulted. Never mind the Hitler statement - that is water under the bridge. But the post was left in all its shining glory. For anyone to read. Left out there.

And so someone complained about locking the thread and the answer was swift. Amazing how the swift answers come when the stooges feel they are being challenged in their very "balanced" world view.
Scott, I'm sorry you've apparently interpreted having a thread locked for escalating incivility between participants as an impingement on your free speech.

In fact, this is a privately owned board, but with a very large community--and I don't think anyone ever owns a community. However, I do feel a responsibility to keep things running fairly smoothly and civilly. It's served AW pretty well so far to try and head off arguments that seem largely unnecessary, and inclined to escalate.
You got to love hypocrisy - you really got to love it!

So I must have gotten like 20 emails if not more. "Did you see this?" With print screens and copies of the thread. And questions asking, "Why don't you react to this?"

I did not react because I knew a secret.

Patience was called for. Not a great deal mind you, but patience, nonetheless. Hate never fails to rear its ugly face.

I had no doubt that this was not the end of it. I had no doubt, EVER, that this was not about a symbol of love and purity, it was not about intellectual honesty, it was not about any of those lofty statements used to hide pure, unbridled, depraved, sick hatred. It just needed an ounce more of - you got it - patience!

And so that above statement was picked up by quite a few people. People who had enough courage to finally say - this is sick. I am out of here. This place has gone to the dogs. Who let the dogs out? is no longer important. But they are out, the owner has made herself clear, she sends her stooges to curse, vilify and lie, and enough is enough.

But it was also picked up on other blogs and made public. It appeared really swiftly. I stayed silent on it because I knew the real fun would start a bit later.

So once picked up - once it became a matter of public record outside of Absolute Write, well something had to be done. And real fast. Save face. Even dogs, frothing rabid dogs full of self-loathing and hate, need to keep up appearances.

And so another thread was opened aptly called "Clarifying my views ..."
Just to clarify something.

I have an earlier post which included a line about "And those nasty comments about Hitler should stop too. He's a fellow writer, and yet people keep making personal attacks against him."

Just for the record - that post had a certain level of sarcasm.

I though it was fairly clear, but have been informed via PM that several people though that the post was utterly serious, and so that not only do people believe I'm a Hitler supporter, apparently there is also a belief I have a serious objection to people who had the word 'breast' in their signatures.

Clearly, the Hitler comment was sarcastic, and the 'breast' comment was meant as a deliberately absurd example - so it indicated that getting offended over a single word with multiple meanings is, well, absurd.

Unfortunately I can't go back and edit that post now to clarify (perhaps because the thread is locked) but I would if I could.

I'm not sure how I can make sarcasm or exaggeration in my writing clearer, without waving a flag or using a smiley. So I can be avoid offending people, I'll avoid sarcasm and exaggeration for a while until I can recalibrate for the audience.

I wish you all well,

(PS: Just to be clear - I'm not using sarcasm now)
And so the needed apology. Mac #2 got the Private Message and of course recanted. His defense. This is sarcasm. Of course it is. No problem. Because you have a computer and you know how to type and can use a spell checker - you are allowed anywhere and anytime in any place to be sarcastic. Shows education, class and wit. Actually a great sense of humor. Writing that will launch a best-seller. And these are people who actually call themselves writers! Imagine that.

But for the moment let us not be to harsh on this poor sarcasm gone all wrong. Let us not be cruel to the next comedian of the Internet circle. Let us not give him too bad a review. After all, between Gibson and the persona of Kramer - we have actually had all the sarcasm and jokes we can stomach. So why not point innocent fun at Hitler? So what if he is looked upon as the quintessence of evil - unless of course, we are trying to "purify" his reputation as well.

So let us go on in this same thread shall we. With a bit of introduction. One thing about anti-Semites and people who just hate. People who hate blacks, whites, Jews, Chinese - you name it. They love to remain anonymous. Anonymity allows them "plausible deniability".

Among the illustrious writers and authors that spend their time on Absolute Write, protecting hate filled minds and literature, are quite a few anonymous dingbat names. These intelligentsia have spread their frothing hate-filled words wherever they go. So the following comments come as no surprise to me. So let us see how far we can take the original post by the owner of this illustrious forum. For the sake of memory let us repeat her quote below:
No intentional cruelty or baiting. Having respect doesn't mean you're at the mercy of anyone who wants to kick sand on your shoes just because they believe or think a different way than you do. What you absolutely cannot do is impose your own sensibilities on your fellow members.
No problem. But I think we have a bit of an Oops!

Following this recanting by Mac #2 comes the following by Anon #1 who goes by the name of Bird Of Prey:
My sympathies. We've lost a few contributors here due to - what can I say - a complete lack of understanding with regard to their sarcasm or wit or subtext or flat out twisted humor. And I'm sorry for it. Thus, I'm glad you clarified what probably was obvious to anybody with a half a brain.
Yeah. That is really sad. Loosing contributors due to the fact that they are just not smart enough to accept wit, sarcasm and humor. Lots of people walk around with half a brain. It is sad I admit. We just were not gifted with the talents that this person was given. I mean after all, what is NOT funny about Hitler jokes? How could anyone think someone who previously on the board has defended Holocaust Denial, the Iranian Government's right to blow Israel into the sea, and no less and no more put forward a proposal that all Israeli's should move to the US, give Israel to the Arabs and he would protect us - how could we not see this is NOT funny? Shame on us. Nazis, Hitler, concentration camps, death, murder are all really funny! I wish I was born with more than half a brain so I could join this illustrious group!

Oh let us not forget one thing from this anonymous voice of hate filled depravity. Let us not forget that he asks continuously and constantly for pity because - now get this - because his house was undervalued when he wanted to sell it. Now there is tragedy for you. We are witless. He is the epitome of intelligence. Children out there. Emulate this person - for indeed he is what everyone wants to grow up to be. An empty shell, full of hate, depravity and sick worm-filled thoughts, with no life besides what what the Internet offers him and his fellow comrades. Grow up to be just like him!

And so Mac #2 pipes up. Let us read his words:
I'm not sure about that.

There are a lot of idiots saying odd things on the web ... so if I read a post on a random website and see something idiotic and odd .. it is a reasonable assumption that the person who wrote it is an idiot.

For a casual reader (who isn't going to delve into past posting history, etc) it is an understandable mistake.
I mean you truly are not an idiot? You are not a fool? You are for real? Intelligent, smart, wise and kind? Oh wow. Revelation! And I think all those "casual readers" should be tarred and feathered for being - well for being so "casual"! How could they not get your incredible wit?

Oh and remember the one who told us how much it effected her that we dare take umbrage at the presentation of a Swastika? Remember Jean? The one who called us "uneducated"? Well here is an educated quote from the master of education:
Unfortunately, poopie heads roam the 'net, Mac. Bart started the poopie thing, his fault...BART!!!
Oh Bart! How can we forget him? Want a link folks? A link for the purification of the Swastika? Well here you go - linked to the Swastika on his signature. Click here for all you wanted to know about the Swastika and then some!

But...but...but... This teen is educated. After all here is a Buddhist who believes in love, purity and all that. Pet the head. Just a puppy mind you, but soon he will become a frothing dog. Just give him time and a few more chances to be the center of attention - and voila we will have yet another rabid frothing dog.

Think we are done? Oh not by a long shot. Here is another anonymous part of the intelligentsia, calls himself Bravo, (why? who cares? honestly who really cares?) - a child in a third grade University, with nothing else on his mind but loathing, here is what he has to say as his "gifted" addition to these comments:
do not edit.

we're at a writer's site.

if aspiring writers cant see the sarcasm in your statement that's their problem.

and no, you do not need to use smilies.
Of course it is a problem. Hell, why should we not recognize the sarcastic genius of these illustrious world renowned writers? My, Oh My! How could we not recognize it? After all it is so clear. So incredibly funny and full of wit that Letterman is knocking down their door. The agents are just dying for their signatures on the contract. Woohoo! World renowned writers.

Yep one thing he got so right. This group will forever be aspiring writers. Except of course where one of them, proudly, puts a link to his self-published gobbledygook, published no less by Absolute Write's denizen of the deep - Publish America. This is his claim to fame. But like his book this person is another non-entity lost in a sea of frothing rabid dogs.

Who the hell let these dogs out?

BUT WAIT! Let us just go a bit further down in this thread. It is here where our patience pays off. It is here where the "final solution" becomes clear. It is here where we can finally say, well guess what? Oops!

One by the name of Loquax. Another anonymous name hiding behind some made up persona.

Absolute Write Depravity

Now let us see just what he has to say:
Hitler had the right idea, he was just an underachiever.
Now there ya go. You see I told you patience pays off. (If you want to see up big and real just click on the above picture.) It was clear from the very first. And do you think any of the above intelligentsia said anything? Did they rise up in arms? Did they find this revolting? Insulting? Mildly disturbing? Who knows? Who cares anymore?

Who Let The Dogs Out?

This from a privately owned forum, for writers, no less, which is open to anyone, which begs for donations, runs auctions to supplement the income, which is run by a nondescript person who couldn't write her way out of a parking ticket. The only claim to fame this woman seems to have is a faulty urinary tract and a weak bladder. Her favorite witty line is:
"You do not want to get into a pissing match with me."
Writers Everywhere Unite In Celebration Of These Lucid Descriptive Powers!

But remember. We are the uneducated. We are the trouble makers. We are the problem. Because - "No intentional cruelty or baiting." is allowed.

I wonder. Just how much at least 18 million people would think of that statement. Renee. Do you think Hitler was an underachiever? Do you find any humor in the statement? Wit? Sarcasm to laugh at? Is it funny?

Well let us just center, bold, italicize and make this remark large. Just to make sure your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Remember get your funny bone ready. Because this is going to be shaken off as yet another piece of wit, sarcasm and humor.

"Hitler had the right idea, he was just an underachiever."

By golly gee - You just have to wonder!

Don't worry folks. They will sooner or later send Loquax, the poster of this piece of wit, a message and say to him - please apologize. We know you are smart and wise and witty. But some people, half-wits, with no brains, may see that statement as a bit off color. So please just start another thread where you can apologize. Then we can forget this whole silly issue.

So I ask you. It started off with a swastika. It went to calling vile names by those who did not like to hear from the other side that thought this was in good taste. It then went to lies. It then went to further lies. It then went to a call to purify the swastika. And of course, we are the "uneducated". Why? Because this above group of people is so respectable that even Disney would hire them for entertainment. Then it went to something that we should have taken as the essence of all wit. But of course. Then finally to the "Hitler was an underachiever" line.

Who the hell let these dogs out? Who the hell wants them?

This dear people is the true face of Absolute Write.

And I ask you. Are these truly the kind of people you want to be associated with? Is this where your name should be up in lights? Are these honestly people you want your name associated with?

This dear people is the true face of Absolute Write. Nothing more. Nothing less.

You see I told you.

All you need is a bit of patience.

And no need to wonder anymore who let the dogs out.

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