Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Doctrine Of The Lie

It is very heartening to see the comments of those people I have never met and have no clue who they are post their comments on this blog. It is appreciated. Though I never doubted that decent, intelligent people will stand up for what they believe in.

However, there seems to be as the result of my two previous posts, (Depravity, Disgust and Stupidity - Passing Ignorance Around Like A Venereal Disease & Never Again), a bit of, shall we say, the "Doctrine of the Lie" going around. A bit of an attempt at intimidation which is really kind of hilarious. This is coupled with more foul mouth statements and curse words than a NY taxi driver caught in Friday afternoon traffic.

Over in foul-mouth land there are quite a few posts in which an incredible amount of curse words and name-calling was used. Some posters there, sorry to say, let themselves be drawn into this childish display of ignorance. That is sad, and no matter what 3 partners in frustrated living try, one should never answer with such disgusting words.

It is just degrading to the main issue (not to speak of telling us something salient about those who stoop to such levels). The main issue being and will always be - the use of a hate symbol in a signature on their forum board. But then again that is just my opinion.

However, the "Doctrine of the Lie" is a totally different ballgame. It was developed and used quite effectively by the Nazis. It is used today by cults. Thus I find it necessary, sad to say, to make the following clear - crystal, unequivocally clear.
  1. Lisa, the self-proclaimed linguist, who runs foul-mouth land has claimed three times that she tried twice to leave a comment here which I rejected. Let me say this again. No comment has been rejected in Cobwebs Of The Mind. While I honestly, and this is said without any cynicism, believe her statement when she claims that she tried twice to leave a comment, I can also say without any equivocation, that no such comment has ever appeared in my queue.

    Why do I believe her? Because in the end she is an intelligent woman who seems to have some problems with temper and possibly her own inner conflicts. But that is for her to figure out and not for me to comment upon. I honestly don't think she would lie for the sake of lying. That is being said after some thought in the matter. Give a person their due, no matter who they are.

    Indeed, if one just takes the time to think or ponder on this it is a ridiculous accusation. I copied her entire post. It would have made things so much more believable if I had that same post or comment published in Cobwebs Of The Mind. It simply is not logical to try and make such an accusation when it would have just served my purposes much better than having to copy the post.

  2. The other part of this trinity, has made the accusation that I am off in my times on my blog and thus I have "fudged" the truth. She even in her wisdom quoted time stamps on the blog. Of course, when people are truly smart they do realize that the world runs on many time zones. Since I do live in Israel, my blogs are on Israel Time Zones, entries and comments. Not PST or CST or EST. Thus I would strongly urge her to get a watch or clock that can tell time. (The third element in this trinity of wonder-bees is just such a non-entity we can safely ignore her.)

  3. The next part of the Doctrine of the Lie is something I simply cannot let go by. Over in foul-mouth land I was accused by the trinity of astute minds, of posting anonymous messages on the blog. So I am going to say here what I said over there.

    Teddy does not post anonymous messages. - Not Ever.

    I do not fear these people, nor do they intimidate me. They are just, well, just people. They have no power over anyone or anything - even, dare I say it, even in the literary world they are fairly useless and powerless. There is just no voice here. No strength behind the words. No power. No, well just, nothing besides a lot of hatred and venom and hot air. But then again that is what bullies are usually about.

    Why post anonymously when I can get so much more of my statement across and lend that much more credence to my words by using my own name? To even hint that I would post anonymously is patently ridiculous. And more to the point, the posts that I was accused of making have such foul mouth idiotic statements in them, agreed, caused by the foul mouth of the linguist and her crew, that it simply is just not my writing style. It actually would defeat my purpose.

    Indeed I would implore anyone who wants to post in foul-mouth land to post with their name attached. There is nothing to fear from these three. They breathe, bleed and cry just like you. And if you feel they are being a bit on the bully side, ignore it. They have serious control issues. One even has a serious urinary tract problem as her favorite line seems to be - "You do not want to get into a pissing match with me". Why she thinks this intimidates people is beyond me. But hell it probably works on some poor souls. Perhaps she needs to see a urologist?
Be that all as it may in foul-mouth land as usual, three people turned a clear unequivocal statement on use of a hated symbol on their board into a personal attack. They seem to think that if they say something, it is a revelation and must be taken as God's given word to mankind. Again that is a symptom of a much deeper problem. It is childish, puerile and just plain silly. But then again it simply proves my point.

And now to something I found incredibly amusing.

We have one calling herself "bogwitch64" (hey you have to love names like this!) with the following comment left in foul-mouth land. And I quote:
Mac posted this on her blog and, being somewhat learned in the whole swastika thing (as it plays prominently in a book I am writing)I was compelled to comment. And my comment is...

What a maroon.

The Teddys of the world have allowed a few decades of hate to totally obliterate a symbol that for thousands of years meant peace, luck, and power over dark forces. Even saying the counter clockwise/clockwise thing is a farce. It was a way to tell 'the difference' but, in truth, it's a modern bandaid for this gushing wound. Eradicate the swastika (whose name itself means 'to be good' in Sandskrit--svastika: su=good, asti=to be, ka=suffix) as a symbol of hatred and you rob it of its power. Let it resume its power as a 'force' of good. Egads, people, do we not know the reasoning behind 'curse' words??
Sorry--ranting. Ignorance infuriates me. Ignorance trying to pretend it is enlightenment puts me over the edge.
I am sorry I truly cannot resist. This post actually made me laugh. Ignorance it seems is a real problem with some people.

Let us take a look at this piece of genius shall we?
being somewhat learned in the whole swastika thing (as it plays prominently in a book I am writing)I was compelled to comment.
This seriously is where the problem begins and ends. It is a "swastika thing" and this genius knows all about it because why? Oh yes - because she is writing a book! She has become an expert in the "swastika thing". A learned expert no less. God save us from the scholars if this is the definition of "learned".

Now we know we are dealing with an expert in the field of "swastika thingamajigs" let us see what genius has to offer in her "real" comment. (Bold and italics are mine - spelling, formatting and the like are all responsibility of our learned "swastika thing" genius)
What a maroon.

The Teddys of the world have allowed a few decades of hate to totally obliterate a symbol that for thousands of years meant peace, luck, and power over dark forces.
Even saying the counter clockwise/clockwise thing is a farce. It was a way to tell 'the difference' but, in truth, it's a modern bandaid for this gushing wound. Eradicate the swastika (whose name itself means 'to be good' in Sandskrit--svastika: su=good, asti=to be, ka=suffix) as a symbol of hatred and you rob it of its power. Let it resume its power as a 'force' of good. Egads, people, do we not know the reasoning behind 'curse' words??
I assume she wanted to say "moron". But I kind of like maroon. :)

Let me understand this well. Teddy's of this world are now responsible for what the swastika represents. We took a symbol and made it into the very essence of evil? We were the ones who are single handedly responsible, while walking into gas chambers for destroying this beloved symbol?

Let me get this straight. You are blaming the victims for what the Nazi's did? You are saying that we took your beloved symbol and made it into the horns of Satan? And you are upset because the Teddy's of this world won't let such a "small event" go? That we hang on to it? Not the skinheads, not the White Supremacists not the holocaust deniers but the Teddy's of this world are responsible?

That is cool trick. Often tried. Blame the victims. Between six million people and a symbol, hell the choice is simple! The learned expert tells us so. It is the symbol that wins all the time.

Now there is a twist for you folks. This is genius. Pure unadulterated genius. All self-taught too, because of the "swastika thing" and a book she is writing. Imagine that! Get ready Pulitzer. The bogwitch64 is coming your way. With a few honorary doctorates thrown in for the learned study of the small "swastika thing". Revelation!

Yep. I think we should just get over our brow beating of a few measly millions of people murdered by the swastika bearers because you have found a symbol for your book that speaks of love, flowers and compassion. And yep. Of course you are right. Teddy and his motley crew of damn Jews, and a few million other intelligent people who are not Jewish, are just responsible for all this, degrading of a symbol because of the "swastika thing". Sheesh. Who would have known? I bow my head in shame. Beat my breast in total repentance.

I have only one small, itty bitty question here.

Where the hell were you on line when God gave out brains?

Please let us know when your epic story on the "swastika thing" is ready for publication. I am sure it is going to be a best seller. I got a great name for it too... The Maroon Swastika.

And now for our crowning graphic. Made for Cobwebs Of The Mind by a really great person. This is dedicated to those in foul-mouth land and all those who think that repeating lies will actually intimidate people along the line and get them to kowtow to some imaginary authority. (The curse words are actually used in foul-mouth land - only a linguist can come up with some of them. Shows erudite education and class.)

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Where do I start?

I Started reading Depravity, Disgust and Stupidity and have read each
post since. I followed the link you put up to Foul Mouth Land and read each
comment there as well. These are Ladies!!!! Professional at that.

There is so much to say and I am in disbelief of the pure hatred spewed by those on

They accuse each person in disagreement with them of being ignorant and bashing the Buddhist religion.

I read each comment and never once did anyone bash the religion.
In their own warped, twisted way, they contradict what they say in their
own post.

They insist the person was in no way wrong for using a symbol yet insist if
You would just read the links.. ( 2 of them)

See, this is where I have a problem. Why do you have to read a link to define a symbol?

I see the exact symbol spray painted all over the city by hateful people.
If it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck.. I’m pretty sure it’s a duck.

Now scuse me while I go back to foul mouth land and see how much more these (ladies,, ya right) deny the facts. Warning to anyone who dares to disagree, be prepared to
Have several names cast upon you.

Vanessa Munroe

Anonymous said...

I’m wondering why a friend would send me
the link to this site. So I start reading and it does
not take too long to realize why.

It would be comical if it weren’t for the ignorance

If we listen to the supposed sense of those defending
the use of a symbol of such hate, then we must believe
the following to be true as well.

I see you alone on the street and approach you.
I wave a gun at you.

Me - “Do you have any money?”

You - ” Here take it”

Now, my gun is not real of course. Nope it’s just a toy. Looks real though.
You can’t bring charges against me or accuse me of a crime. You gave me your
money. Willingly.

What’s that? You thought I had a gun. Well if you were not so ignorant you
could have looked closer at it and seen right there on the barrel it says Fisher Price.

Same denial.

Cyrena T

Anonymous said...


Do not defend yourself to those uneducated people.
You post about something very offensive to many
people and those in the land of foul mouths use live
journal as a personal forum to bash you.

Let them continue making fools of themselves
It appears as if teens are running amok there
and if you give a person enough rope, well we all
know what happens eventually.

From my standpoint, I see this.

You posted on your blog, well within your rights,
of something that should be shocking to all who
see it.

The teeny boppers at live journal choose to take
the opportunity to turn it into a circus.

They appear to lack knowledge of all that symbol
represents. But, not surprising to me now, after
reading the comments they put up. They are full
of hate. Of course when the heart is full of hate there
is no room for reasoning.

They accuse you of having a hidden agenda.
Upon reading the comments of a certain few,
whom I assume are in charge of the forum
where despicable acts are allowed, It is clear they
just don’t like you. They will
continue to make a mockery of themselves.

They just have it out for you personally and
are willing to attack anyone who has an opinion
different from theirs.

United we stand, Divided we fall

B. Pederson

Anonymous said...

I received a call from a friend asking if she could impose upon me for my opinion on something that would most likely upset me.

I know this gal very well and felt it must be important if she felt the need to ask me.

I have read all that is posted here and on the site you linked to.

I could not react right away. I took a day and thought about it. I am now ready to share with you my thoughts.

My name is Renee.
When I was 3 years old, my family which consisted of mother, father, three brothers ages 7 , 10, and 14
a baby sister and myself, were captured by the Nazis.

I remember the day as if it were yesterday. You see, that was the last time I saw my family.
I was the only one to make it out.

I will spare you the details.
The question posed is of a symbol.

On the site called Live Journal, which you link, there is a picture of the symbol in question. Upon seeing it, the first thing that comes to mind is the swastika. I
notice that those who are not familiar with the details utomatically see it as a swastika. In the end that is
what matters.

I am forced each day to look at a symbol. Not by choice
mind you, it is a symbol etched into my skin as a daily
reminder of all the horror and evil endured by millions.

I took the time to read everything on this posting as well
as all the comments on Live Journal so that I could with
a clear conscience responds.

In your attempt to explain that it is a sign of peace you show much hatred in your response which leads
me to believe the intention of the display was to cause suffering. If you had firmly believed in
what you were saying to the people questioning the use, you would not have to do so in a manner of
belittling those who posed serious question.

I dislike the way you went about it. You showed ignorance
in your attack. Hate breeds evil. Evil is dangerous.

I saw things said such as bashing a religion. That was
not done in any of the comments made by those questioning
the use of this symbol.

I do not know any of you. I am not affiliated with either side of this debate. I am a survivor.
Upon looking at the link to the person who used this symbol, I note a topic called Testing, Testing.
Here the person asks “What do you see?”
I see a person hiding behind his intentions. If he wanted to show his pride in his faith, this would
not be the way in which to do it.

One of the people on Live Journal offered to list names, numbers and gravesites of some of the lives lost at the hands of the Nazis.
This was in poor taste. You see, I can lead you to those as well. It has nothing to do with the original offense.

At no time did anyone question your morals,your history or your knowledge. Yet you felt
it your duty to call those in disagreement with you
ignorant. By hurling insults and curses at people you make it clear that you do not understand
the severity of all that is said.

When people make light of something
such as this, they allow the opportunity for hate to continue.

You wouldn’t dare call me ignorant
I am much to close to this.

You can go on telling yourselves that it is a harmless symbol. I call it denial.

You’re not alone. There are many who deny this ever took place. You have that privilege. I close my eyes at night and can still hear the screaming,and I can still smell the burning of flesh.
I dare you to call me ignorant!

Now to my friend. You asked me
for my opinion. Here you have it.
If we do nothing, we allow it
to continue. I refuse to turn
Never Again!
And to the host of this site.
Yasher koach


Anonymous said...

This display of utter disregard to an issue is in and of itself disgraceful.

Several on the other site have put a symbol before humans.

The links to Live Journal and AW were helpful so that I could get an idea of the whole situation.

No one questioned the rights of anyone or any organization to use their symbol for it’s intended purpose.

No one questioned the rights of anyone to show pride of faith.

The question was quite simple.
If at first glance, the symbol, by itself,is too similar to one that causes many to gasp in disbelief of all it represents, should it be allowed?

Ignorant and many unrepeatable words were used to describe anyone who mistook the symbol.

One of the comments here, shows that if you are not expert in defining something it can easily be mistaken as something which causes harm. Is it the fault of
the interpreter? Well if you think it is then in the scenario posted by Cyrena T, would mean the person being robbed is to blame.
She should have further
investigated the alleged weapon before handing over her money.

Why would anyone want to allow this
type of misunderstanding to get so out of hand. The offender could have simply posted more than just the symbol, the person realized exactly what the reaction would be.

It is obvious in the way he coyly posted out of curiosity, to find out just what you see when you look at it.

I find it desperate that some of those who claim to be expert and better than those who showed they
disagree don’t realize the utter ignorance they themselves
display with their reactions.

Hiding behind a religion known for peace is distasteful.

The Cross was also mentioned and many other scenarios.

In my opinion, if I burn a cross on the lawn of a neighbor and place it in a different direction and claim it to be part of an Easter ritual, does that make it right? It would most definitely be abusing a symbol for my own purpose.

The minute something leaves room for questioning, you must
take a step back and consider it just might be wrong.

As long as we ignore what is ignorant, we ourselves
become part of the problem.

Deborah R. Relihan

Anonymous said...

I can not add much more than
what has already been said
by all who have commented.

All I can do is say I agree and
Shame on those who allowed this.


Bartholomew von Klick said...


If you really dislike Absolute Write so much, perhaps you shouldn't leave links to your blog there. God knows who'll find it, eh?



Anonymous said...

Ted, I am so happy you're here and that you've been blessed with the talent of writing with articulate grace.

If I saw you on the street, I'd hug you! Ang