Monday, February 05, 2007

Authors Blogs

A few weeks ago, Beth, the author of the Blog, Musings About Life, and a great lady to boot, sent me an email about a site she discovered called Authors' Blogs. Basically this site allows you to request your blog listed in their directory. They explain it as follows:
This listing is for blogs of authors seeking publication. It is not for authors who publish on their blogs only. It is not for promotional blogs. It is meant to provide an index chronicling authors' journeys as they struggle with the industry and with their muse.
Now whereas being listed in Authors' Blogs is not going to bring you fame, fortune an agent or an editor, nor will it bring you a contract with Doubleday, it is a worthy endeavor by those behind it.

Of course being who I am and wanting to make sure this was just not another place where somehow, somewhere and sometime I would start getting spam email or offers to purchase this and that, I registered both my writing blogs, Cobwebs Of The Mind and Teddy's Writing Mania on the site. I have to say that the entries were checked and put up.

There is a footer at the bottom of the page saying that the blog is a project of DreamForge Media. This is cool. In fact as long as they keep it professional it is very well accepted and certainly expected that some company would run this for a bit of advertising. DreamForge Media is a web design firm so I don't see any conflict of interest either.

If you are an author it certainly cannot hurt to make your way over to the Authors' Blogs site and register your blog if you have one. Just one note to DreamForge. The front page needs a little design work!

All in all, Authors' Blogs may be worth the couple of minutes it takes for you to sign up. I also kind of perused the other blogs listed there, some were fun and some were interesting. So you may learn something new along the way as well!

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B.E. Sanderson said...

*Blush* Aw go on.

I've browsed through quite a few of the Authorsblogs sites, and many of the ones I've seen are pretty good. They put mine up last week, and I've already seen hits. Yay.