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Who Let The Dogs Out?

When I first posted the original article on the depravity of someone putting a swastika on their symbol in, Depravity, Disgust and Stupidity - Passing Ignorance Around Like A Venereal Disease, we were met with the argument that this is a symbol of love and peace. The curses and lies started flying over in foul-mouth land and so in order to make it clear that this was not something that would intimidate and to make the point clear Never Again followed.

By that time more and more people were showing disgust and shock at exactly what was being written and printed in Absolute Write under the guise of "free speech" and "religious tolerance". By that time the point was made as clear as most thought it could be made. Except for those of us who knew that the appearance of a swastika, no matter in what form, no matter under what guise or excuse, was symptom of a deep rot.

Patience was called for. Not a great deal mind you, but patience. Hate never fails to rear its ugly face.

Indeed, knowing that the current owner of Absolute Write and her jolly stooges hid constantly behind a veneer of "open-mindedness" made waiting in patience that much easier. The surface was scratched and all that was needed was to wait just a bit longer for the ugly rot to come out.

The dogs had awoken. They were starving for flesh. And once awakened their baying in the moonlight became a clarion call.

And so the next post - Doctrine Of The Lie - to just set the record straight as it were. And the stage was being set.

We were dealing with a "teen" who is not a teen, who is a Buddhist Pornographic Author (anyone find something funny with being a Buddhist and writing Erotica or Pornography?) who felt the inner compulsion to place a swastika with a link to a page whose heading is emblazoned with the word "Swastika". Then we deal with a woman who is a linguist who seems to know more curse words than a NY City taxi driver and cannot handle those who are in conflict with her world view. Along those lines we find a few really interesting and intelligent quotations from those who want to make a point. All this in the name of a symbol of peace and love.

Patience was called for. Not a great deal mind you, but patience, nonetheless. Hate never fails to rear its ugly face.

As if the appearance of a swastika on this board of Absolute Write were not enough, as if the pathetic attempt to hide it behind some other symbol was not so transparent - we were then met with another yet compelling argument. We were told that the time has come to purify the Swastika. That was enough to scare the living shit out of any normal human being. And thus many people wrote me telling me to just forget the ignorants. Ahh, but the lessons of life I have learned well. It was clear that sooner or later we would get to the crux of this matter. To the utter depravity that was clear from the beginning.

Patience was called for. Not a great deal mind you, but patience, nonetheless. Hate never fails to rear its ugly face.

The dogs were frothing at the mouth. "Soon", I told myself, "real soon they will not be able to hide their intentions much longer".

Then came the post, The Banality Of Evil. And out of the mouth of babes (or frothing dogs) came the defender. She posted comments. Telling us how uneducated we were, and how since she is mixture of every race, religion and creed under the sun, she knows it all. It effects her, because, we had the audacity to say something not nice about her friend. Oh my! Such audacity. And what a shame that the Swastika was adopted by Nazi Germany because it simply is a wonderful symbol and really should mean love, peace and goodwill to all men. Well not much of a surprise there. Except for the "uneducated" part. I mean hell, if you want to call Jews and those who are not Jews but who understand the depravity of such things bad names - the just say it. Say it with gusto.

"Those damn Jews and those screwed up Jew Lovers. May they all rot in hell".

And yet enough was enough. Why continue? Why drive home a point that was made again and again? Why point out, step by step, what the real nature of this whole incident was?

Patience was called for. Not a great deal mind you, but patience, nonetheless. Hate never fails to rear its ugly face.

And so the last post. On The Bastardization Of Language. Making it clear for all those who can read and from the uneducated, just how much rot existed in Absolute Write. Just how far a few people had gone in their own sick, darkened minds. Making it clear, that games of words do not intimidate and they are simply smoke screens for the real thing.

Actually it took less time than expected. It had begun a couple of days ago, and I was made aware of it. But I knew it would just take a few more moments in time for the dogs to be freed. I knew it was just simply put - a matter of time. The only question was, is and will be, is Who Let The Dogs Out?

And to that question we will now try and discover the answer.

Let us begin with this wondrous comment posted in order to make fun of a woman, who stated clearly in Absolute Write as follows: (all taken from a thread which you are welcome to go look at - Unfortunately you must sign up to do so.)
Forum Rule: Respect Your Fellow Writer

An action taken without bad intentions can be viewed as a mistake. Becoming aware that your action was tasteless and not taking steps to correct it ... it's a disrespectful offense.

For goodness sake, if you've been made aware that your signature is offensive to a fellow writer, please change it.

Respect ... it is a forum rule, correct?
Seems like a normal, sane request actually. But then again....
So of course this request was met with a statement on philosophy by the "board owner" one calling herself Mac. (Jean's friend if you are following the thread closely for all parts of this hate-filled depraved soap opera.)
Well, no. Respecting your fellow writer means no personal attacks. No name-calling. No intentional cruelty or baiting. Having respect doesn't mean you're at the mercy of anyone who wants to kick sand on your shoes just because they believe or think a different way than you do. What you absolutely cannot do is impose your own sensibilities on your fellow members.

I'm pretty sure that we'll all be offended at one time or another by things that are said or seen here.

But I'll guarantee you right now that I'm not going to censor someone or ask people to censor themselves for having religious, political, or moral beliefs different than mine or yours. We have a really amazingly diverse membership. That's important, valuable, and a priceless opportunity to learn about experiences outside of our own.
In other words placing a swastika on the signature is not "intentional cruelty or baiting". And by asking to remove it this is within the parameter of: "What you absolutely cannot do is impose your own sensibilities on your fellow members."

No problem. Supposedly this is a privately owned board. (Not exactly true because Absolute Write asks for "donations" towards memberships and also has some running auctions for Mac and her crew to further propagate their hate and depravity. But hell, people are taken in by much more sophisticated operations than this one. But we will get to this one as well...don't you fret your little heads!)

No Problem. Such is the view of the power that is. Depraved and Sick. Of course it is. But nevertheless - her opinion.

Oops! Oops Again! Let us back up for a second. Let us review just one line:
"No intentional cruelty or baiting."
Cool Beans, Jelly Beans. Wow - let us see how that works in reality shall we?

Now the original poster asking for respect, is a woman who runs a blog and her entire life dedicated to women in the prevention of Breast Cancer. So one would think that at least in such a case, others would at least give respect where respect is due. So let us see how much respect she got, and just what was posted. (By the way, Mac seems to be a fairly interesting name in these threads.)
Yeah - there are some people with the word B-R-E-A-S-T in their signature.

They should change it.

And those nasty comments about Hitler should stop too. He's a fellow writer, and yet people keep making personal attacks against him.

Oops! Right after the owner of the board, Mac #1 posts her statement of "No intentional cruelty or baiting" not more than 7-8 posts following the above ditty appears.

Now let us see who really let the dogs out?

So the thread was locked. Why? Well someone, namely the previous owner of Absolute Write, had the sensitivity to know that Mac #2 was insulting a woman who should not be insulted. Never mind the Hitler statement - that is water under the bridge. But the post was left in all its shining glory. For anyone to read. Left out there.

And so someone complained about locking the thread and the answer was swift. Amazing how the swift answers come when the stooges feel they are being challenged in their very "balanced" world view.
Scott, I'm sorry you've apparently interpreted having a thread locked for escalating incivility between participants as an impingement on your free speech.

In fact, this is a privately owned board, but with a very large community--and I don't think anyone ever owns a community. However, I do feel a responsibility to keep things running fairly smoothly and civilly. It's served AW pretty well so far to try and head off arguments that seem largely unnecessary, and inclined to escalate.
You got to love hypocrisy - you really got to love it!

So I must have gotten like 20 emails if not more. "Did you see this?" With print screens and copies of the thread. And questions asking, "Why don't you react to this?"

I did not react because I knew a secret.

Patience was called for. Not a great deal mind you, but patience, nonetheless. Hate never fails to rear its ugly face.

I had no doubt that this was not the end of it. I had no doubt, EVER, that this was not about a symbol of love and purity, it was not about intellectual honesty, it was not about any of those lofty statements used to hide pure, unbridled, depraved, sick hatred. It just needed an ounce more of - you got it - patience!

And so that above statement was picked up by quite a few people. People who had enough courage to finally say - this is sick. I am out of here. This place has gone to the dogs. Who let the dogs out? is no longer important. But they are out, the owner has made herself clear, she sends her stooges to curse, vilify and lie, and enough is enough.

But it was also picked up on other blogs and made public. It appeared really swiftly. I stayed silent on it because I knew the real fun would start a bit later.

So once picked up - once it became a matter of public record outside of Absolute Write, well something had to be done. And real fast. Save face. Even dogs, frothing rabid dogs full of self-loathing and hate, need to keep up appearances.

And so another thread was opened aptly called "Clarifying my views ..."
Just to clarify something.

I have an earlier post which included a line about "And those nasty comments about Hitler should stop too. He's a fellow writer, and yet people keep making personal attacks against him."

Just for the record - that post had a certain level of sarcasm.

I though it was fairly clear, but have been informed via PM that several people though that the post was utterly serious, and so that not only do people believe I'm a Hitler supporter, apparently there is also a belief I have a serious objection to people who had the word 'breast' in their signatures.

Clearly, the Hitler comment was sarcastic, and the 'breast' comment was meant as a deliberately absurd example - so it indicated that getting offended over a single word with multiple meanings is, well, absurd.

Unfortunately I can't go back and edit that post now to clarify (perhaps because the thread is locked) but I would if I could.

I'm not sure how I can make sarcasm or exaggeration in my writing clearer, without waving a flag or using a smiley. So I can be avoid offending people, I'll avoid sarcasm and exaggeration for a while until I can recalibrate for the audience.

I wish you all well,

(PS: Just to be clear - I'm not using sarcasm now)
And so the needed apology. Mac #2 got the Private Message and of course recanted. His defense. This is sarcasm. Of course it is. No problem. Because you have a computer and you know how to type and can use a spell checker - you are allowed anywhere and anytime in any place to be sarcastic. Shows education, class and wit. Actually a great sense of humor. Writing that will launch a best-seller. And these are people who actually call themselves writers! Imagine that.

But for the moment let us not be to harsh on this poor sarcasm gone all wrong. Let us not be cruel to the next comedian of the Internet circle. Let us not give him too bad a review. After all, between Gibson and the persona of Kramer - we have actually had all the sarcasm and jokes we can stomach. So why not point innocent fun at Hitler? So what if he is looked upon as the quintessence of evil - unless of course, we are trying to "purify" his reputation as well.

So let us go on in this same thread shall we. With a bit of introduction. One thing about anti-Semites and people who just hate. People who hate blacks, whites, Jews, Chinese - you name it. They love to remain anonymous. Anonymity allows them "plausible deniability".

Among the illustrious writers and authors that spend their time on Absolute Write, protecting hate filled minds and literature, are quite a few anonymous dingbat names. These intelligentsia have spread their frothing hate-filled words wherever they go. So the following comments come as no surprise to me. So let us see how far we can take the original post by the owner of this illustrious forum. For the sake of memory let us repeat her quote below:
No intentional cruelty or baiting. Having respect doesn't mean you're at the mercy of anyone who wants to kick sand on your shoes just because they believe or think a different way than you do. What you absolutely cannot do is impose your own sensibilities on your fellow members.
No problem. But I think we have a bit of an Oops!

Following this recanting by Mac #2 comes the following by Anon #1 who goes by the name of Bird Of Prey:
My sympathies. We've lost a few contributors here due to - what can I say - a complete lack of understanding with regard to their sarcasm or wit or subtext or flat out twisted humor. And I'm sorry for it. Thus, I'm glad you clarified what probably was obvious to anybody with a half a brain.
Yeah. That is really sad. Loosing contributors due to the fact that they are just not smart enough to accept wit, sarcasm and humor. Lots of people walk around with half a brain. It is sad I admit. We just were not gifted with the talents that this person was given. I mean after all, what is NOT funny about Hitler jokes? How could anyone think someone who previously on the board has defended Holocaust Denial, the Iranian Government's right to blow Israel into the sea, and no less and no more put forward a proposal that all Israeli's should move to the US, give Israel to the Arabs and he would protect us - how could we not see this is NOT funny? Shame on us. Nazis, Hitler, concentration camps, death, murder are all really funny! I wish I was born with more than half a brain so I could join this illustrious group!

Oh let us not forget one thing from this anonymous voice of hate filled depravity. Let us not forget that he asks continuously and constantly for pity because - now get this - because his house was undervalued when he wanted to sell it. Now there is tragedy for you. We are witless. He is the epitome of intelligence. Children out there. Emulate this person - for indeed he is what everyone wants to grow up to be. An empty shell, full of hate, depravity and sick worm-filled thoughts, with no life besides what what the Internet offers him and his fellow comrades. Grow up to be just like him!

And so Mac #2 pipes up. Let us read his words:
I'm not sure about that.

There are a lot of idiots saying odd things on the web ... so if I read a post on a random website and see something idiotic and odd .. it is a reasonable assumption that the person who wrote it is an idiot.

For a casual reader (who isn't going to delve into past posting history, etc) it is an understandable mistake.
I mean you truly are not an idiot? You are not a fool? You are for real? Intelligent, smart, wise and kind? Oh wow. Revelation! And I think all those "casual readers" should be tarred and feathered for being - well for being so "casual"! How could they not get your incredible wit?

Oh and remember the one who told us how much it effected her that we dare take umbrage at the presentation of a Swastika? Remember Jean? The one who called us "uneducated"? Well here is an educated quote from the master of education:
Unfortunately, poopie heads roam the 'net, Mac. Bart started the poopie thing, his fault...BART!!!
Oh Bart! How can we forget him? Want a link folks? A link for the purification of the Swastika? Well here you go - linked to the Swastika on his signature. Click here for all you wanted to know about the Swastika and then some!

But...but...but... This teen is educated. After all here is a Buddhist who believes in love, purity and all that. Pet the head. Just a puppy mind you, but soon he will become a frothing dog. Just give him time and a few more chances to be the center of attention - and voila we will have yet another rabid frothing dog.

Think we are done? Oh not by a long shot. Here is another anonymous part of the intelligentsia, calls himself Bravo, (why? who cares? honestly who really cares?) - a child in a third grade University, with nothing else on his mind but loathing, here is what he has to say as his "gifted" addition to these comments:
do not edit.

we're at a writer's site.

if aspiring writers cant see the sarcasm in your statement that's their problem.

and no, you do not need to use smilies.
Of course it is a problem. Hell, why should we not recognize the sarcastic genius of these illustrious world renowned writers? My, Oh My! How could we not recognize it? After all it is so clear. So incredibly funny and full of wit that Letterman is knocking down their door. The agents are just dying for their signatures on the contract. Woohoo! World renowned writers.

Yep one thing he got so right. This group will forever be aspiring writers. Except of course where one of them, proudly, puts a link to his self-published gobbledygook, published no less by Absolute Write's denizen of the deep - Publish America. This is his claim to fame. But like his book this person is another non-entity lost in a sea of frothing rabid dogs.

Who the hell let these dogs out?

BUT WAIT! Let us just go a bit further down in this thread. It is here where our patience pays off. It is here where the "final solution" becomes clear. It is here where we can finally say, well guess what? Oops!

One by the name of Loquax. Another anonymous name hiding behind some made up persona.

Absolute Write Depravity

Now let us see just what he has to say:
Hitler had the right idea, he was just an underachiever.
Now there ya go. You see I told you patience pays off. (If you want to see up big and real just click on the above picture.) It was clear from the very first. And do you think any of the above intelligentsia said anything? Did they rise up in arms? Did they find this revolting? Insulting? Mildly disturbing? Who knows? Who cares anymore?

Who Let The Dogs Out?

This from a privately owned forum, for writers, no less, which is open to anyone, which begs for donations, runs auctions to supplement the income, which is run by a nondescript person who couldn't write her way out of a parking ticket. The only claim to fame this woman seems to have is a faulty urinary tract and a weak bladder. Her favorite witty line is:
"You do not want to get into a pissing match with me."
Writers Everywhere Unite In Celebration Of These Lucid Descriptive Powers!

But remember. We are the uneducated. We are the trouble makers. We are the problem. Because - "No intentional cruelty or baiting." is allowed.

I wonder. Just how much at least 18 million people would think of that statement. Renee. Do you think Hitler was an underachiever? Do you find any humor in the statement? Wit? Sarcasm to laugh at? Is it funny?

Well let us just center, bold, italicize and make this remark large. Just to make sure your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Remember get your funny bone ready. Because this is going to be shaken off as yet another piece of wit, sarcasm and humor.

"Hitler had the right idea, he was just an underachiever."

By golly gee - You just have to wonder!

Don't worry folks. They will sooner or later send Loquax, the poster of this piece of wit, a message and say to him - please apologize. We know you are smart and wise and witty. But some people, half-wits, with no brains, may see that statement as a bit off color. So please just start another thread where you can apologize. Then we can forget this whole silly issue.

So I ask you. It started off with a swastika. It went to calling vile names by those who did not like to hear from the other side that thought this was in good taste. It then went to lies. It then went to further lies. It then went to a call to purify the swastika. And of course, we are the "uneducated". Why? Because this above group of people is so respectable that even Disney would hire them for entertainment. Then it went to something that we should have taken as the essence of all wit. But of course. Then finally to the "Hitler was an underachiever" line.

Who the hell let these dogs out? Who the hell wants them?

This dear people is the true face of Absolute Write.

And I ask you. Are these truly the kind of people you want to be associated with? Is this where your name should be up in lights? Are these honestly people you want your name associated with?

This dear people is the true face of Absolute Write. Nothing more. Nothing less.

You see I told you.

All you need is a bit of patience.

And no need to wonder anymore who let the dogs out.

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Paula's Poetry said...

And as of right now that most offensive post still stands.

Apparently the threshold of tolerance by those who are supposedly more educated and more intelligent than us, is quite high.

My stomach literally flipped when I read this the other day. I can't begin to explain what this does to me.

It is unfortunate that you were correct in knowing, as we all were, that there was an underlying agenda.

Anonymous said...

I have been following your posts since it was first brought to my attention last week.
Even though I know such hate still continues to this day it does not lessen the shock that it is accepted by some.

This has gone well beyond the misuse of a symbol and has spread into all out disregard for fellow human beings. What makes this more unbelievable is these people call themselves writers. Those who are more practiced in words than most people should be ashamed of themselves.

They strongly urge you to read and re-read, get your facts straight and hurl accusations around.

I had to grin to myself when one of their supporters left her comments here referring to the banner displayed. She states that she has read all the comments, yet she does not recognize that the very people she is dear friends with are the creators. She uses the word uneducated as a deterrent to her own lack of comprehension.

For AW to allow that statement to sit on their site is disgusting.

I too shall stand up and continue to fight for peace and unity.

John Arsenault

Anonymous said...

I hope their host service dumps them and no one else will have them. They and all their kind deserve everyone's backs. We need a net boycott.

Stever, webmaster

Anonymous said...

Upon reading more of what is said it is has confirmed my original thoughts. The symbol was only the beginning of something much larger. I have seen this behavior too many times to deny it.

Still those in support of evil can not admit to themselves that there is a possibility they were wrong. They are still unable to realize they are allowing disease to spread. And still there are those who think because they are related to a certain person or have befriended someone, that this allows them to claim the history and suffering of their people.

I have seen the one who states that you are showing a lack of intelligence, yet she continues to defend a group of people who allow the use of such hatred. She describes the owner of that site as the most kind, loving person she knows! That is a very scary idea. She asks you to spread peace instead of hate. Now that is demented.

She claims you are spreading hate and lies when in fact you have only exposed them. They continue to do the rest on their own.

This same woman goes on to claim her heritage and the heritage of her friends as a defense. In the end of her claim, she states it is unfair to her to ask her to abandon her friends. Yet we are uneducated? We lack sensibility? This from a woman who helps pass along denial under the pretense that she is affected by this because her grandfather was Jewish and married a Catholic and she is Irish, German and Jewish? How does this affect her? Ah, a pure blood Navajo friend. No, that is not good enough.

I married a pure blood Navajo Indian Chief. Does that make me expert on the suffering of his people? No. Did that make him expert on mine? No.

Why does she mention this? Why is it important to her that we know who she is friends with or who her ancestors are? I think she is struggling with her own conflict and trying to pass off her guilt. It is just my uneducated opinion of course.

I do wonder why she has not made a claim after the posting of the person stating that Hitler was an underachiever. Unless, just maybe she has finally reached her senses.

It is easier to pass out labels than to look at yourself in the mirror and take responsibility for your own thoughts. It is easier to attach yourself to someone in the hopes of passing yourself off as a peace loving person. It is harder to look at yourself and realize that you are part of the problem.

I can only hope that those who are allowing this to continue realize the message they send as a collective group when they do nothing to stop it.

I thank you for allowing me the chance to comment on your site. I take every opportunity to stand up to hate.

I wish peace to all


B.E. Sanderson said...

This whole thing has disgusted me from the start, but that comment from loquat (or whatever its name was) was the bottom of the barrel. Even more vile, though, is the fact that it was intended as a joke. (I heard some other ignoramus say it back in the 80s. It was sick then, and it's sick now.)

And these people called you uneducated? (Which, BTW, is one of the major logical fallacies, and the last refuge of a weak argument - an Ad Hominem attack.)

Feh. I've washed my hands of AW. Even if I hadn't already had plenty of reasons, this would have been the straw that broke the camel's back.