Monday, October 30, 2006

Cobwebs Of The Mind Blog Review: Diana Bocco's "writing, coffee and other obsessions"

Siberia? You are kidding me, right? Siberia?

When Diana's request first hit my email to review her blog, "writing, coffee and other obsessions", as usual I took a quick peek to see if there was really anything worth reviewing. I must admit that there is no doubt that "writing, coffee and other obsessions" and her accompanying web site, dianabocco @  are definitely worth your while if only to try and figure out just what the hell Diana is doing in Siberia!

Let us first get to the heart of the matter. Diana follows her muse around the world and teaches English as a Second Language. From her web site we read: "She's lived in New York City, South America, and Siberia, and plans on globetrotting until she finds the perfect spot to build her dream wood cabin. She likes all animals except roaches and hasn't eaten meat for the last 12 years, but she has no problems having her characters chopped off to pieces if the story calls for it (and sometimes regardless)."

There is nothing unprofessional about this woman. She is a freelance writer with articles in over 120 magazine to her credit (in some very popular print magazines, I might add). Diana says that she specializes in "nutrition and fitness" and is a vegetarian. Okay. One step at a time. Siberia does not bring up warm and pleasant memories for one who was brought up with the plight of Russian Jewry and with the works of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. But you know what? Hey to each their own! Okay. Fitness we can handle, cause I am an avid swimmer. But when I hear someone say Nutrition I know there is no way my Steak is going to make it through that one. And to make matters worse..OMG a VEGGIE!!!!!

Diana is trying to break into the fiction world as well, and from reading her blog and her obvious talent for writing, I am sure she will be successful in that route as well. And lest you think I am done singing her praises, Diana also gives on-line courses in writing.

When Diana is not writing she tells me that she "spends time picking up stray animals, reading obscure little books in foreign languages, and planning crazy stunts like parachuting and hiking in Ojmjakon (you have to look it up to understand). Of course, all those things eventually turn up in some story."

(Am I done yet?.....phew!)

Despite being a Veggie (we can forgive one fault per person) and despite being way over in Siberia, obviously Diana is really exceptional. The only complaint I have is why the hell is she in Siberia and not living next to me somewhere so we can go out on a zillion dates! Oops.. wait... where will we eat? I would not be caught live in a veggie reputation would be destroyed forever!...mmm...okay .. we will settle on compromise. We will order in :)

A+ Blog from a woman who is professional and not lost her sense of humor. Take a look at "writing, coffee and other obsessions" it is certainly most well worth the time!

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Anonymous said...

What an awesome review Teddy. You certainly made me interested and I'm going to have to hop over and check out her site. I'm really looking forward to it. :D

I found reference to your blog on the absolute writer forums and I'm glad that I came to take a peek!


Diana said...

Wow! Thanks so much for the awesome review. You made me blush :)