Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cobwebs Of The Mind Blog Review: Timothy Coote's "bcom" - "Business Communication"

There is no secret as to what Timothy is all about on his blog, "bcom" - Business Communication. Once again it is clear that people from all walks of life sometimes have this uncanny ability to also be able to coherently and cogently put a sentence together and express themselves in a delightful manner.

Timothy is a successful business communications expert who originally hails from Australia and now lives in France. His career is geared to, as he writes:

"Professionally I like to think I give French companies the opportunity to think differently, so they can communicate in English in such a way that will make them spectacular and everyone will want to retain what they are saying (I have my work cut out for me)"

Though not published as of yet Timothy is in the midst of putting ideas from his profession into a book. Judging from the entries on his blog the book would be well worth the read for those seeking to better themselves in the international arena of business.

Among his blog entries is one which reads: If you only read one blog post in your life... (though at the time of this review it is the most recent entry it still appears on the home page of the blog)

I read through this piece and quite a few others and one of the most interesting comments you can see below. It shows Timothy's innate intelligence and deep understanding of his profession.

"Trying to establish credibility is backwards. Don't try to get the reader to respect YOU... the reader wants to know that you respect HIM!

Demonstrate that respect by caring about his time. By caring about the quality of time. Your audience should know right up front that you're grateful for the time they're giving you, and you show that by being entertaining, engaging, compelling, interesting, or at least useful. You demonstrate it by assuming they're smart. By recognizing what they already bring to the discussion. By not insulting their intelligence. By being prepared."

Bcom is a blog just getting up to speed. I normally will not usually review a blog that does not have a specific amount of entries, but I made the exception in this case due to Timothy's marriage of his profession and writing capabilities. Enjoy Bcom it really is worth a few minutes of your time.

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