Sunday, November 05, 2006

Qumana - Hey What's Up With You Guys?

Technological Rant For The Week:

In most of my posts you will notice at the very bottom a Qumana tag which will lead you to the Qumana web site. Qumana is a pretty good free program which does its work by allowing one to create a post and then post it into Blogger or whatever host you are using.

So today I moved to Blogger Beta, and I did see before I moved that Qumana had a hack for using Blogger Beta. So I figured what the should work. Now Blogger Beta has been around for quite a while and there is no reason in the world why Qumana should not have this integrated into their product already. There is no reason why a user should have to spend more than a minute changing the settings and then seeing them work. But of course... it did not work. Of course, Qumana still is not integrated. So for the time being I say goodbye to Qumana. It is not worth my time to search every site on the net looking for the correct hack.

Qumana - GET IT RIGHT. and Get it right now. Dissing a good product is not my favorite cup of tea. But this is ridiculous. I cannot believe that a huge part of your installed base has not just thrown up their hands in trying to get Qumana to work with Blogger Beta.

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