Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Beta Blogger & Google - Problems with Blogger Indexing

In a post a few days ago I posted about what I thought to be a unique problem to my blog. The original post Google Beta Blogger - Hey Guys Can You Hear Me? explained that simply put, it did not seem that Google's own Blogger Search Engine (not the main Google engine) was indexing Cobwebs Of The Mind since I moved to Beta Blogger.

After waiting, I posted a note up at Google Blogger Help Group explaining the problem in detail. The thread that began, Beta Blogger & Google Search, has uncovered quite a few people complaining about the same problems. It also enlisted volunteers who cover the Group to try and get Google's Blogger team to deal with the bug.

For what it is worth here are the problems for you Beta Bloggers.

  1. Google's own Blog Search engine does not seem to be indexing any posts placed in a Beta Blog. It catches the site name etc.
  2. I do not know yet if this is only for Blogs moved from Blogger to Beta Blogger or for all blogs new and old, that are placed in the Beta Blogger.
  3. Backlinks - links you put in your post to other posts from other blogs or in your own blog - are totally dependant upon Google Blog Search and its indexing. Thus those links will not show up in the Blog Post that you linked to, either on your site or in another Blog.
  4. Simply put there seems to be a huge bug with blogger indexing and beta blogger in Google's search engine for Blogs.
  5. Google's main Search engine DOES pick up the blog and posts, though at a much longer delay rate. In either case it does not help with backlinks.
  6. As of this post no solution seems to have been found nor has there been any offering on the Google Group site as to where the problem may lie.
  7. It is clear that Beta Blogger and Blog Search are not seeing eye-to-eye as it were. If you are having problems with this as well, leave a comment here please with your blog address and take a look at the Beta Blogger & Google Search thread.
I will try and keep all informed if any normative solution is reached and when it will be reached. Until that time, if you are using Beta Blogger do not expect Blogger Search Engine to turn up your posts at all.

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Talia Mana, Emotional Eating Expert said...

You don't bite, but do you bark?

Interesting problem. I have found that blogger and blogger beta are not well integrated.

I've also been to the blogger help group and there are a lot of very disaffected people there. I noticed some employees in there trying to help people but there were times when they didn't address the issues raised.

The FTP in blogger beta caused me no end of troubles. In the end I abandoned it. I love the labels in blogger beta and the speed of posting but it's only laziness that keeps me from switching...