Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Deepening's New Blog - A Well Kept Secret

Anyone who reads Cobwebs Of The Mind even on semi-regular basis knows that I have had some short stories published over at The Deepening, ("TD" for short), a short story magazine web site. Yesterday while peeking at my Technorati links from other blogs I found a new link coming in from a blog at The Deepening. This Blog, run by the owner and editors of TD, can be found at The Deepening Blog Sphere.

This is definitely a well-kept secret as there seems to be no link up on the Deepening web site from which you can access The Deepening Blog Sphere. I strongly suggest this is done forthwith, as authors and others always find the possibility of communicating with editors, agents and publishers through comments a welcome experience.

I mention this to the readers of Cobwebs Of The Mind for a few reasons. The first is that some of the entries there, especially Great Authors vs. Bad Actors should really be read by all. Yet again another posting by a publisher that reminds one of the Rejecter's comment here, which precipitated my posting: A Very Valid Response From The Rejecter. This validates (though it did not need validating that such practices by frustrated idiots are not as uncommon as we would like to think.

I also think that if you want to add to your staple of possible publishing sites, The Deepening, is a legitimate way to go as well. If you are trying to break in with short stories and need a good place in a really small "arena" of legitimate places to submit your short story, try TD. Take a look at the blog, The Deepening Blog, and web site, The Deepening, to see if you it matches your needs.

Yes, I have a soft spot for TD as they have published some of my stories. However, it is a legitimate site with fairly good editorial feedback as well. Of course if your eyes are only on The New Yorker and Atlantic Monthly, then as I always say, go for it. Unfortunately we cannot all get published in such prestigious magazines, and though it is great to strive for, TD will give you an open venue and readers (if they accept your short that is!)

So along with those SASE's packed and shipped to The New Yorker, Harper's, Atlantic Monthly and Paris Review - if you want to get a short story out there, TD is well worth the effort at looking at and making the attempt.

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Harbormaster said...

I started looking through the Deepening Blog and it seems to be worth a "deeper" examination. I haven't heard of the site before, so thanks for the lead. It couldn't hurt to submit something to them, they might take it. Up to certain limits, I think the more work you get out into the world is a good thing and keeps the wheels turning. Thanks Teddy.

The Deepening said...

Oh, BTW, Ted. The Deepening blog is linked on the main site. It's called editor's blogs or editorials. But thanks for the nice words.

D. Keur