Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Writing And Despair Happy Hour (Part 1)

I was having a particularly bad day. Well lately they all seem to run together. My brain was not in the mood to do a thing. So I gravitated between cooking, reading, watching a DVD and peeking in on Absolute Write from time to time.

By mistake, cause my hand was on my mouse I clicked on a link to a thread that I really had no desire to read. There I was brought face to face with a particularly funny poster that made me laugh at its sad truth. On the bottom of this poster read -

So of course I had to go a see a web site whose name was Despair. Genius name and great site.
The Home Page opens with the quote:

"Welcome To Despair. The Relentless Pursuit of Dejection"
(I wish I thought of that!)

Now this site sells products really good professional looking products which all have to do with despair. Right up my alley!

I do not want to break any copyright rules here, so any pictures I am going to show have the web site name clearly printed on them - and will be linked to Still they are GENIUS.

Makes a great gift for dejected writers!

For The Newbie Writer - Teach Them A Lesson

The next one we devote to Miss Snark:

This is what you get for trying to write a new Da-Vinci Code read-alike:

What you really want to say to the last Agent or Publisher that rejected you:

How you felt when the Agent said "Maybe" and asked for a rewrite:

And How you felt when that last rejection letter arrived:

Stay Tuned for Part Two of our Writing & Despair Happy Hour!

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D.T. Kelly said...

Those are fantastic!

And I can't think of a better way to get out of the doldrums.
Great find!

Heather said...

LOL!!! Those are great! Hehehehe.

Miss Java said...

These pictures are great. Thanks for sharing them.

Simran said...

Awesome. Thanks for sharing Teddy. Hey you have your own book store and cookware store too. Good for you.

Marilyn said...

Thanks for linking to that site. I've just checked it out - very funny!

As for your site Teddy, I really enjoy coming here. I always seem to learn something new from your articles. As a newbie it's fantastic to be able to learn from the benefit of someone elses experience.

Teddy said...

Thanks for all the great comments people. Does wonders for my ego!
Of course keep em coming...:)

Racy Li said...

Omigod, ROFL!

Peggy said...

Those are hilarious. I almost spilled my coffee I was giggling so much.

Thomma Lyn said...

Ha, I'm laughing, giggling, and snorting. In fact, I'm now in official giggle-fit territory. Thanks! :)