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Cobwebs Of The Mind Blog Review: "Writer Unboxed" - A Serious Collaboration Of Fiction Writers For Fiction Writers

"Writer Unboxed" is a serious, no-nonsense blog devoted to serious writing. This is a collaborative effort by a few writers, though it was Therese Walsh and Kathleen Bolton hailing from Upstate New York that originally contacted me. It is the first serious collaborative effort I have seen and it seems to work out well.

They claim the purpose of Writer Unboxed is: "Promoting unique writing through craft essays and interviews with publishing professionals and risk-taking authors." So let us take a quick look at this blog and see what it brings us.

The first thing that catches the eye is that they post interviews with published and aspiring authors. One at first may be tempted to think this is just a come-on and the old interview party with really nothing said. Nothing could be further from the truth. Some of the interviews with authors that I read and perused through, such as this one with Allison Brennan, were interesting and informative. Actually, if one can hide one's own pangs of jealousy it is important to read how different authors managed to break into the field.

 There are of course other articles and posts on writing. One that I truly liked for its unique idea was titled "Influential Characters" and is worth a read just for the smile. There are categories such as Book Talk and Movie Talk which discuss writing in these areas as well, with interviews and articles that only can add to the aspiring writer and understanding of the world of publishing and writing.

When asked for additional information for this blog review the following answer was given:

"When Kathleen and Therese moved their blog from Blogger to WordPress, they invited other bloggers to join them. New partners include women's fiction author Marsha Moyer, U.K. children's editor and author Victoria Holmes, and Aussie sci-fi writer Jack Slyde. Recent interviews for the blog have been with Aussie fantasy author Juliet Marilliier, Hollywood guru and screenwriter Michael Hauge, literary fiction author Audrey Niffenegger, bestselling children's author Cornelia Funke, and Chicken House publisher Barry Cunningham."

The above shows us just how serious and professional these people are. It is a pleasure to come across blogs like Writer Unboxed and to be able to finally read about a whole slew of writers in one place rather than just about the difficulties and tribulations and accomplishments of one at a time. It gives the reader much needed perspective.

In the end Writer Unboxed is a serious blog for serious writers. It is updated quite often by the authors that collaborate here and certainly has some great interviews, ideas, musings, and information on writing. Unlike many blogs these writers understand the serious nature of the business they are in. Most definitely worth constant visitation to this blog.

Cobwebs Of The Mind Blog Reviews are posted from time to time based on blogs that are serious endeavors on the part of their owners. For those of you who wish to have their blog reviewed at Cobwebs Of The Mind please email me by using the GMail Icon on the right of the page. Members of Absolute Write (AW) who wish their blog reviewed please go to the following thread and read the instructions in the first post in the thread.

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