Monday, November 27, 2006

Gulliver's Travels

Today my muse has deserted me. I really want to post something witty and funny; something new and something blue; something cynical and something interesting; but alas, sigh, the muse has left me.

I needed information. I needed fodder. I needed something, anything to feed the mind. I was Gulliver in the land of small people who were supposed to entertain me. Hey, that is the rule! Entertain me! Sheesh, is that so hard?

I clicked over to Miss Snark and found myself yawning. Yawning while reading Miss Snark can get one in deep trouble! Yeah, Miss Snark, come on, I need fodder for the cannon ya know. You are being so so so so impossible cause for some reason you are giving out sane advice. Come on. Tell me something funny! Sheesh!


I clicked over to The Rejecter. She is into Nano Pambo Shmambo Whatchamacallit, and seems to have taken a bit of time off from daily posts. And as readers of Cobwebs Of The Mind know I am really not a fan of writing 50,000 words for nothing. (NanoWriMo-Whatchamacallit? - The Point Being????)


I went to the Evil Editor. That blog makes me feel stupid. I never understand what this guy is on about, and I always get the feeling that I am missing some inside jokes. I end up always scratching my head and wondering just what he is talking about. I don't like feeling stupid. Yikes!


I mosey over to Absolute Write. Here at least I usually get my lips to turn up in a grin. Ack. Nada. The normal "please critique this and that" and even the Political thread bored my mind this morning. The same people posting the same stuff. Over and over and over again. There is always the House of Love. But all the regulars are off. Some sick, some busy, some reading, some changing diapers. Nothing. No laughs. Sigh!


I move to Writer's Beware. Maybe there is some real dirt I can sink my teeth into. Nope. Reiterations of a court case that goes back at least 5 years and sentencing is taking place. Nothing really to get excited about.


OH! Maybe Lit Agent X, Literary Agent's Rachel Vater Blog will have something. Her blog always makes me feel small and like a failure. She usually posts success stories and no-nonsense stuff. I like reading it from time to time when my very frail ego can handle it. So maybe there I will find something. Something to get the coal burning.


Of course there is Jenny this and Jenny that and quite a few other agent blogs. Usually they are spin offs of people trying to sound like Miss Snark (OMG - no one can imitate the Snark!) or trying to imitate each other.


I check my email. Maybe, just maybe, that mag read the submission of mine. Hah! Yeah right!

And Another Yawn!

This is going to be such a boring day. And a little voice inside of my head says, "Well maybe you will just have to write for entertainment today." Write? I try to remember just what that is. "Write?" I ask myself. "You mean like putting words down on paper with a pen or on the computer screen to form sentences and paragraphs? Just what the hell is that! I thought all I had to do was read Miss Snark to become famous!"

That's it. Work? Write? Agonize? Edit? Submit?

Yeah, right. And today I am going to divide the sea into two as well.

I am so out of here!

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heather said...

Haha. So easy to go out looking for that inspiration, and so hard to sit down and look inside, huh? I'm familiar with that.

ORION said...

OMG you just described my day!
I had to laugh.
I am so addicted to this.
Thanks a lot for another blog I have to read everyday!