Monday, November 06, 2006

Addiction, Obsession, Love - Short Story

Hey All

Just posting that my new story "Addiction, Obsession, Love" is out on TD in the November Issue.

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Addiction, Obsession, Love

Of Course since I am such a braggart here is what the editor wrote about the story as its teaser - and yes, I am comma challenged. Sheesh!

(And before anyone starts getting obnoxious - yes I am aware that the teaser is not totally correct in its grammatical sense.)

Addiction, Obsession, Love by Ted William Gross

The power and poignancy of real love, can we survive its aching, turbulent reckoning upon our very soul and essence? (Literary)

Editor’s Note:

This is probably one of the most difficult pieces I’ve ever had to edit, and, if my editing lacks aplomb, for I know I have not done this story it’s true justice, I apologise. This story ached in me as I read it, then ached even harder as I tried vainly to seek out comma splices and faults, to take that which was written with such exquisite passion and honestly and bring it to some grammatical cohesion that would render it whole and globally comprehensible in its entirely to its any audience.

Some could say this is a story of closure. …But it’s not; Some would say this is a tale of errant love. Again, it’s not; This is empassioned, a real story of real love, a perspective rarely glimpsed, more rarely comprehended, and most rarely ever expressed, especially from the man’s point of view. To have this most sought for, most elusive, most evasive of all experiences brought forth in full, real, raw, unfettered expression in a modern tale of joy and sorrow, of real feeling evoking real, demonstrated interplay of passion, understanding, and melancholy, is, once more, the gift Ted William Gross brings to the world with his powerful honesty in integrity of vision. —zentao
(You got to love it when I brag! )

This is the seventh short story published this year:

The Sunflower

The Heretic

Tenuous Webs

A Pot Of Gold


A Tapestry Of War

Addiction, Obsession, Love

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simran said...

Awesome. Way to go Teddy! Congrats on yet another published story!