Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"Vibrating Moonlight" - New Book Of Poetry By Jason Tudor

It is always an incredible pleasure for me to read about fellow writers achievements. I get a kick out of it. I also know how much sweat and love and labor goes into it. The frustration, the sleepless nights, the impossible dreams. When Jason posted over at AW about his new book of poetry "Vibrating Moonlight" that is self published at Lulu, (one of the very very few legitimate self-publishers out there) I was ecstatic for him. He deserves it. And though this first time around he went the route of Lulu, I am sure with his talent, the next book will be published by one of the majors.

Jason Tudor has spent 19 years in the United States Air Force. He has penned better than 5,000 stories, shot better than 2,000 photographs and is a dynamic designer and military noncommissioned officer. He is the recipient of three Department of Defense Thomas Jefferson Journalism Awards; eight United States Air Force Journalism Awards and better than 100 other accolades. He served 11 months as a senior staff writer for the Air Force's flagship publication, Airman magazine, and as an associate editor of Citizen Airman magazine. During that time, he covered the development of the F-22 fighter jet, the return of repatriated remains of American soldiers from Vietnam, and provided one of the first Air Force retrospectives of the events that followed 9-11. Jason was the first to interview the Senior Airman Curtis Towne, the sole Airman aboard the P-3 aircraft downed in April 2001. He has deployed as a member of the U.S. military three times -- including stints in Baghdad and elsewhere -- for the War on Terrorism and Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. He was also on hand in New Orleans covering Air Force efforts following Hurricanes Katrina and flew search-and-rescue missions during Hurricane Rita. He and his wife, Denise, live in Warner Robins, Georgia, with their daughter, Annabelle.
You can purchase "Vibrating Moonlight" here (either as a download or as a book). You can also visit Jason's Website.

The following is the press release for "Vibrating Moonlight"
Georgia author releases first book of poems

ATLANTA -- Real people whose lives succumb to fear, disgrace, joy and revenge are the subjects of a new book of poetry by author Jason Tudor, available now.

“Vibrating Moonlight,” a full-color, 64-page book, was released Nov. 7. The book is published by Lulu.com. “Vibrating Moonlight” includes 48 poems written during 2006 and while Jason was stationed in the Middle East.

The poems in “Vibrating Moonlight” include Jason’s full collection of “Blue Rock” works. These poems were included in the AbsoluteWrite.com collection of the same name. Readers will also delve into works about faith, women, life & death and more.

Other poems include:

• Looloo Lemon -- The story of a seemingly innocent girl whose wanton self emerges.

• Only Once a God -- A work that reflects on the mortality of everything

• Last Minutes of an LA Stripper -- The tough life of a woman who tells people she’s working her way through medical school

• Surgery on Aisle 5 -- What it means to be caught up in the vanity of a 21st Century society

“Almost all of these works emanated from time spent writing the ‘Blue Rock’ poetry collection, an amazing collaboration of people and work, which I am most proud of,” Jason said. “This book wouldn’t have been possible without the spurning and motivation of people all over the world who brought ‘Blue Rock’ to life.”
Worth the look and worth the purchase for "Vibrating Moonlight". And of course you can always get Jason to sign a copy when he gets back from his tour of duty somewhere in the Middle East.
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Jason said...

Teddy, thank you for this. This is the first time I have had an opportunity to get to the site after being gone for so long. I also just viewed the pix of your family on AW. Fantastic! You should be very proud.