Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Google Beta Blogger - Hey Guys Can You Hear Me?

This will probably be an exercise in futility cause the whole problem lies in that since Nov. 5th when i moved to Beta Blogger for some crazy reason Google stopped indexing my blog.

On Sunday, Nov. 5th I moved over to Beta Blogger, when I saw that that the first official version was released. I was scared to do it cause experience has told me that moves to new versions of software are not usually as painless as they are promised to be. The move to Beta Blogger was painless. I was really happy. I was sick of power outages, the posting wheel, the slowness and the need to mess with the Template every single time I wanted to change something.

Google gets 5 stars for its new user-friendly Widget Template outline. Of course things are missing, but overall it was painless and I loved the results. The ease of changing templates was really incredible and coloring them as well.

So now what the hell am I complaining about?

Well I went back to blogging. And since I could no longer use Qumana (for some reason they have not gotten their act together with integration into Beta Blogger) I just gravitated with some fear to Google's own editor. Worked great. Had Labels (categories) and all I wanted.

So far so good.

So I post on Nov. 3rd. And I am used to a fairly low overhead for Google to pick up my backlinks. They usually pick them up immediately. This time even after 24 hours they did not pick them up. They still have not and it is Nov. 8th.

Okay I figure this is MY problem. So I begin checking the Google Search Blogger engine to see if it picked up posts from the Blog on or after my move. NOPE! NADA! NOTHING!

In other words since I have moved from Blogger to Beta Blogger the Blog has not been indexed. I can find no hint of this problem anywhere on the net. No backlinks appear in blogs that were linked to my posts (and yes they have backlinks turned on and links from posts in other blogs made after my posts are appearing) - and NO indexing.

Google Can You Hear Me?

Did Beta Blogger dump me in virtual land with no way to be found anymore?

Did you guys leave me on my own in the sandbox?

Can someone hear me out there in Google Land?

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Chuck Nyren said...

You're not alone. The same is happening to me.