Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Update to some Technorati Anomolies/Inconsistencies

Techie Alert from Cobwebs Of The MindIn checking posts, it seems that some things either get put in their database while other posts for some reason get left out. The anomoly happens even when a post contains the exact same Technorati tags as another post that does appear on their site. It is interesting to note that only one of the Blogging series posts got indexed, then Technorati jumped to the third one in the series, skipped the forth, skipped the original post on Technorati pinging problems, and we shall see what happens in the futrure.

All this being said, Technorati is still the most viable and best option, in my opinion, for bloggers to share and get noticed. I would hazard a guess that their database records a date of the last time they pinged and they will ONLY look at newer articles, even if there are articles and posts for some reason, or techie glitch that they have not picked up and were previous to the date in their database. (This is just a guess folks. I have no idea what the parameters of the post pick-up that Technorati is using).

So if and when and until I get an answer from Technorati support, it is worth your while from time to time to make sure your posts are indeed getting picked up over at Technorati.

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Update to some Technorati Anomolies/Inconsistencies

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