Thursday, June 22, 2006

Absolute Write Blogroll #1

Cobwebs Of The Mind - AW BlogrollCobwebs Of The Mind is proud to present Blogroll #1 - Absolute Write Writers, Authors & Members
(If you are an AW member and wish to be included please read the thread AW Blogroll - Listing & Exposure for instructions on how to submit. The Blogroll goes up in batches of five.)
These Are ALL GREAT BLOGS for Writers and show Passion for Life and their Work

Kelly CurtisYouth - Our Greatest Natural Resource
Blog Address:
Subject Categories: youth empowerment, children, parenting, education, positive youth development
Blog Description: Kelly's musings about what empowers youth and why it's important. "If we believe youth are our future, we are procrastinating."
Cobwebs Of The Mind - NotationsKelly is passionate about youth and all they have to offer. She is one of those rare individuals who understands how important a treasure youth are for all of humanity. Check it out on her blog.

Deborah Ng - Freelance Writing Jobs
Blog Address:
Subject Categories: Freelance Writing Leads
Blog Description: List of freelance writing jobs, updated daily.
Cobwebs Of The Mind - NotationsFor all Freelancers this Blog of Deborah's is a godsend. She does an incredible amount of research in finding the right jobs (and nixing the bad onesl). If you are looking for freelance work, without hours of market research, this is the blog for you!

Jennifer Sando - Journal of Jennifer Sando
Blog Address:
Subject Categories: writing, woman, life, adelaide
Blog Description: Online nook of a writer in Adelaide
Cobwebs Of The Mind - NotationsJennifer, an Aussie, is more than a writer. She has a taste for art and writing. Her blog, though updated only once to twice a week, contains some beauitful artwork. Check out the links to her flickr album!

Susan Flemming - The Mystical Worlds of Susan Flemming
Blog Address:
Subject Categories: writing, writing exercises, story germs, reviews, fantasy
Blog Description: Susan Flemming discusses writing in general and her writing in particular, as she works to complete her mystical fantasy novel. In addition, her blog features Monday Morning Book Reviews and each Friday a post announcing when that week's Story Germ has been added to the Story
Germ Page of her website.
Cobwebs Of The Mind - NotationsA beautifully laid out blog by a writer, incredibly serious about her craft of writing. Seeing her stories, story germs and following her mind is a pleasure in reading. Check it out!

Tori Munn - tori writes stuff
Blog Address:
Subject Categories: writing, being a stay at home mom and weirdness
Blog Description: My thoughts and ideas on being a mom, writing and life in general.
Cobwebs Of The Mind - NotationsTori is just what she says she is - a proud Mom who writes. She is getting her fingers busy, and posts some interesting concise things about books and writing. A personal blog about the life of a Mom and a writer.

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Blogroll #1

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Susan Flemming said...

I know I thanked you in the thread over at AW but I also wanted to stop by here and say again how much I appreciate being included in your blogroll and for the lovely comments you made about my and the other's blogs.

I've posted about this in my blog today and included a link back here.

Have a great weekend, Ted.