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Absolute Write Blogroll #3

Cobwebs Of The Mind is proud to present Cobwebs Of The Mind - BlogrollBlogroll #3 - Absolute Write Writers, Authors & Members
(If you are an AW member and wish to be included please read the thread AW Blogroll - Listing & Exposure for instructions on how to submit. .This is limited to AW members and you must be registered as an AW member for at least a month or have at least 25 posts to your credit. For non-AW members I will start a BlogRoll in a week or so. The Blogroll goes up in batches of five)
These Are ALL GREAT BLOGS for Writers and show Passion for Life and their Work

Gillian Polack Barrett - Even in a Little Thing
Blog Address:
Subject Categories: writing, history, cooking, science, fiction, fantasy, horror, Middle Ages, teaching
Blog Description: Some of the small things in my life and most of the big ones. Where you can find me. Teaching, history, writing, Canberra. Some theory, some reality.
Gillian talks about Medieval life. She has a fascinating depth of knowledge in the area, and is a writer who talks about her own thoughts and her writing. Her posts are short and succinct, but we at AW are going to get her to reveal even more so she can get that book finished. No question about her writing skills! A blog to enjoy!

Cyndi Allison - Barbecue Master
Blog Address:
Subject Categories: Barbecue, Barbeque, BBQ, outdoor cooking
Blog Description: Barbecue Master is all about outdoor cooking from grilling to smoking to cooking over a camp fire. Cyndi Allison shares her barbecue stories, tips, and recipe links as well as photos.
Cyndi taught me an important lesson in quick judgment. When I first saw her request for entry into the AW BlogRoll I was a bit surprised and was about to give my first "thumbs down". Her blog makes our mouth water, and this is one woman who LOVES TO BBQ. But..but..but..but what happened to writing? Well... modest Cyndi has a little blurb on top "I'm a writer with over 1000 publications in various corporate, technical, trade, and consumer magazines. I also do some grant writing." Couple the writing with the BBQ and you have one dynamite mouth-watering blog! Let's see some posts on writing Cyndi!

Jenn Hollowell - Art_Addiction
Blog address:
Subject categories: Art, markets, networking
Blog description: A place for professional artists to meet, greet and learn.
What a beautiful blog - filled with the artistic taste of Jenn. This is a place for those aesthetically inclined to be and to look. You can look, view and even purchase some of the artwork. I love it when writers have other talents and show them off. This is a NOT-TO-MISS blog. Go for it folks!

Anne Stringer - Variant Frequencies Journal
Blog Address:
Subject Categories: Speculative fiction podcast
Blog Description: The stories behind the stories. Variant Frequencies is a podcast that provides dramatic readings of original speculative fiction, and my blog explores the stories, the writers, the narrators, the music, and the production.
A blog by a serious author, in love with her craft, for writers and authors. With even guests submitting stories. Serious writing goes on in this blog, as well as some detailed explanations into the art of writing. A must see for all writers out there. A reading pleasure as well.

Shelly Wiseman Webb - Webb Pages
Blog Address:
Subject Categories: Art, family
Blog Description: A place where I ramble about most anything I want, and then I post pictures of the kids for the sake of my family.
Shelly (or Shwebb) as I know her may ramble about her kids and family, BUT her writing skills are apparent and so is her passion. She is sharp, intuitive and passionate about life. And thus, even though this is a personal blog, you can see the writing skills being used and honed. Come on Shwebb - Lets see a great story or some writing on it as well. This blog shows all parents that there is writing even with kids!!!! Take a look. It is recommended!

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Blogroll #3

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Teddy, what an awesome blog! You can be certain I'll be checking back often. And thanks for your kind comments and suggestions for mine.