Friday, June 23, 2006

Technorati Problems Seemed to be Mostly Solved

Cobwebs Of The MindFair is Fair. I complained about Technorati not picking up tags etc. on an erratic basis, and it seems they have overcome these problems. Though I did not get any response from their technical support, which is a No-No in my book.

They still seem to be behind in the linking to your site thing. At times the link can say 20 sites linking but if you click on it you will see 25 sites. What's up with that? Surely if the links are in the database then the numbers should not be so fudged up between two screens?

Anyways, Technorati seems to have also speeded up a bit, so I assume they are working hard as their volume is huge. To be fair to this company they are listed on Alexa as 316 in popularity which translates into millions of hits a day. However, that means they just have to get their act together. Speed up the servers guys, and optimize the database!

Otherwise Technorati is still great.....Cobwebs Of The Mind

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Update to some Technorati Anomolies/Inconsistencies

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