Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My Children's Children

My Children's Children

Tonight my daughter, Aderet, graduated from University. Well essentially she graduated last year, but in Israel, the graduation ceremony takes place a year later. Tonight I watched my daughter walk up and get her "official" degree to help the hearing and speech impaired in her life's work.

I watched her do this in an open garden, full of trees and flowers, one person in a large audience of parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters friends and cousins to the hundred or so graduates.

But I was special. I watched Aderet graduate, while I held her son, my grandson, in my lap and we laughed at the balloons flying high in the sky. Tonight I watched Aderet graduate, and I held my year old grandson in my arms. Tonight I watched a woman march up to the podium, and all I could see was a little girl in pigtails, trying desperately to keep up with her older brothers.

Tonight without a party, without a big family meal, without a crown and without any adornments, tonight I knew what it was like to be a king. Tonight I was a prince and king.

Somehow this was greater in its own way then Aderet's birth or her marriage. Somehow this spoke to me not of only one person or one event, but of continuum. Somehow, on this magical night, it all came together.

Tonight I held pure joy in my hands and watched with wonder at the achievements of my daughter.

Tonight made all those difficult times worth living. Tonight my daughter Aderet, made me cry in joy.

Tonight, above all, I thanked God for allowing to me live to see and participate in this day.

Tonight I held my grandson in my lap and watched my daughter graduate University with my son-in-law next to me.

Tonight, somehow, the world seemed right and perfect.

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