Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Who The Hell Are You, Ted Gross?

Who The Hell Are You, Ted Gross?

Oops. I really should introduce myself. Well, I do have a full Bio up on my web site which of course I am going to put here as well, Teddy's Web Site if you click on Biography in the upper menu (up there at the top of page), but you can click on the typewriter if you are so interested you cannot wait!

I will simply tell you on the home page of Ted Gross why I write.
In my younger days I wrote because I thought I had something to say and wanted to be rich and famous, (I kid you not.)

Then I wanted to touch people, move them, see them cry or smile or argue over my words.

When my second children's book was published, oh so many years ago, and I was walking down a street and saw it in the window of a bookstore in Jerusalem (imported all the way from the USA), I decided I wrote because of the feeling it gave me at that moment.

As the years went by, I abandoned the rich and famous desire, and I realized that to touch people you had to be real - first and foremost to yourself - and I understood that the feeling of seeing your book in the window of a bookstore or listed at Amazon, while incredible, does not last.

I realized that all the above were excuses. Simply put, I write for me. To bring out the raw, the untouched, the hidden emotion and the passion. To let that voice express itself, first and foremost to my own conscious mind. I write to let the story out so I can read it for myself.

And when I do that, I know I will touch others. I know the book will always be in the window of my mind and that too is an exhilarating experience. And though I have no clue if I will ever be famous or rich, I do know I have made my own world richer, and I know myself that much better.

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