Sunday, June 25, 2006

Some Convergent and Disharmonic Thoughts...

It is time to return for a bit to the art of writing. I have been a bit lax in that area, due to the Cobwebs Of The Mind BlogRoll of AW writers and members, as well as my on-going series on the basics of blogging. I have quite a few more posts to make in that series, but then again I was in the middle of a real story on how the creation of a short story is actually processed in my head (at least the part I am conscious of!)

However, my brain is full of esoteric ideas these days, as well as not really wanting to concentrate on the writing projects I am in the midst of. This happens to me from time to time, and I have learned not to push the envelope, as it were, at such times. No, I am not waiting for the "muse" to hit, I don't believe or ascribe to such things, which I feel to be just excuses for NOT writing. I have learned that at these times some type of process goes on within me, especially when dealing with short stories, and I know full-well, interrupting this process will either kill the idea or story or make it impossible to sell. So I sit back and these are the times I devote to technology and writing about technology which I enjoy.

While writing this current series, (and no I do not use outlines, I do not plan, I just go with the way it is taking me,) I came across a startling discovery for  myself. I am by nature, and from lessons learned in life, sometimes, an incredibly cynical human being. That is not a good quality folks, nor do I think it is something to say in pride. I just state it as a given. Life, its turns, its long distance runs, its wily paths, its togetherness and aloofness and aloneness, has made me cynical of mankind. I am also, in person, the first time one meets me or I meet them, very shy. I wallflower when I am at a gathering or party in which I know no one. I become spaced out, gone, lost in my own universe. Those two qualities have kind of been a bit taken aback with the blogroll and the blogging series.

Yes, there is no doubt that many of the blogs in the Absolute Writer's BlogRoll do contain those "private" musings and dreams of their owners. Yes, some do contain family events and what the children are up to, as a personal diary. And yes, this is not a subject that I personally am particularly interested in. I really don't want to spend my time reading about what some six year old child ate for breakfast. BUT every blog of an AW member that I have seen until now, shows a deep respect and talent for writing. Every single blog, in its own way shows that these people are serious about their craft. Some of these blogs are meant for a very small audience, some for a wider one. Some have nothing to do with writing, others are devoted only to writing. Some are laid out better than others. Some show technological savvy. Others are simple. Some have incredibly touching entries about the most mundane things in life. Others apply too much "angst", but that is to be expected. Yet others are baby steps into the world of writing. Some are full of literature, art, music. ALL ARE WORTHY OF WRITERS. All are blogs that are worth a visit and time. Keep up the good work, and I await all those other AW blogs for our next BlogRoll's of AW writers.

Those are my personal thoughts on this matter.

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