Tuesday, June 13, 2006

JewishPedia - Moving Right Along & changing subjects for this Post


Now for a change in subject for this post. Or almost a change in subject…..

A few weeks ago, I also set up JewishPedia, whose goal is to become THE on-line encyclopedia for any knowledge or facts about any jewish subject under the sun. Jewishpedia if forging ahead to be the most comprehensive Jewish encyclopedia on-line that there is.

JewishPedia is a new project in which it is hoped that Jews and non-Jews from all over the world will begin to contribute articles on all things that are Jewish or related to Judaism and the Jewish People. It began as an idea spurred on by the fact that though there is an incredible amount of Internet space devoted to Judaism and Jewish topics, it is not in any way categorized or sometimes incredibly difficult to find. It is the hope of the owners of JewishPedia that this Encyclopedia & reservoir of knowledge be made available to public at large, for free, and created, edited and written by Jews all over the world.

That certainly is a lot to chew for one web site. JewishPedia uses the famous Mediawiki engine, (which is used as well by Mediawiki etc.) and the Wiki format of free-form knowledge. JewishPedia encourages everyone and anyone who has something to add to this never-ending well of knowledge to log in and submit or read or use any of the articles there. It is totally free and the submissions are open to all (unless an author put a specific copyright on something of course).

It is hoped that JewishPedia will grow into the FREE SOURCE FOR ANY JEWISH KNOWLEDGE that there is. And if you are reading this I encourage you to log-in and begin to contribute to this storehouse of knowledge.

Anyone can contribute to JewishPedia. Indeed, we encourage everyone and anyone to contribute and/or edit and/or add to articles on any Jewish subject under the sun. (You do not have to be Jewish to conribute an article about something Jewish, btw.)

Jewish History, Jewish Literature, Jewish Politics, Israeli Politics, Jewish Politicians, Famous Jewish Personalities, State Of Israel, Land of Israel, Kosher food products, Famous Kosher Restaurants, Jewish Communities, Synagogues, Reform Judaism, Orthodox Judaism, Conservative Judaism, Reconstructionist Judaism, Jewish Study, Talmud, Bible, Zohar, Kabalah, Mishnah, Jewish Current Events and on and on and on it goes.


While you may want to also include your literary pieces in JewishPedia, bear in mind that anyone can edit, add to or otherwise change them. Once you include your article here, you do not own the copyright on it. You become part of a vast network of individuals who are contributing and wish to contribute knowledge and events for all those who want to read and understand and grow in their own knowledge.

If you want to see JewishPedia click the hyperlinks or just mosey on over to: http://jpedia.jewishamor.com

Leave any suggestions, comments etc. here as well....
Help us offer the compendium of human knowledge to all those who desire it for FREE.

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