Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Children's Books - Of Rabbit's Wool & Camel's Hair

Of Rabbits Wool & Camels HairOkay lets go back a few years... alright..dont get snippy..so it is more than just a few years.. sheesh.. Well we have to begin somewhere and since blogs are freeform textual expression, I will be jumping around all over the place. I don't do dates well, and I never carry a palm pilot or diary. So you will have to excuse me if I make a time machine jump back into the deep dark past when my second children's book was published. I was in the midst of a roll. I had finished my first book for children, "The Letter & The Crown" and now they wanted another. I went shopping though, for another publisher, and soon United Synagogue gave an offer, and thus the second, (and last book to be published..sighs) in the Grandfather Owl Series was born, put together and published. They still sell it at Amazon and other such esoteric places! It was fun doing it and writing it. It would be the last children's book of mine to see the light of day in publishing, and I have since stopped doing that genre. Though I will admit from time to time I get a burning urge to return to it. Of Rabbit's Wool & Camel's Hair is the second book published in the Grandfather Owl Series. Originally published by the United Synagogue, it was the second in the Grandfather Owl series. It is fully illustrated in color, with original pictures by Diane Liff on every page. This book deals with the biblical story of the tree and the serpent that tempted Adam & Eve, and their expulsion from Eden. It is a difficult story to tell children but this book succeeds in its endeavor. When released originally in 1989 it was highly praised, and won two awards in Israel. The story also tells of the legendary Phoenix, one of the major protagonists in the book and in the Garden of Eden. And lays the foundation for the stories to come.

Of Rabbit's Wool & Camel's Hair is for children between the ages of 5-11 and for adults too!

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