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Absolute Write BlogRoll #6

Cobwebs Of The Mind - AW BlogrollCobwebs Of The Mind is proud to present Blogroll #6 - Absolute Write Writers, Authors & Members
(If you are an AW member and wish to be included please read the thread AW Blogroll - Listing & Exposure for instructions on how to submit. The Blogroll goes up in batches of five.)
These Are ALL GREAT BLOGS for Writers and show Passion for Life and their Work

Wendelynn - Flying Shoes
Blog Address:
Subject Categories: Writing, Tarot, Digital Art, Scrapping, Alternative Healing, Spirituality,
Blog Description: Put on your Flying Shoes and see the world from inside my butterfly mind.
I happen to love fantasy, angels, devils and am extremely interested in the world of Tarot, dreams, herbal medicine and the like. So it not surprising to say that I loved this blog. If you have any of these interests or just want to get inside of them on a blog that is both artistically well done with information and links then Wendelynn's Flying Shoes is for you. Of course since I drink in this stuff, I would love for Wendelynn to post more information, and due it every day. But she links to some interesting sites, writes incredibly well in a succinct and good style. Take a look at her site, and as she says "see the world from inside her butterfly mind". You will be glad you did.

Simon Haynes - Hal Spacejock
Blog Address:
Subject Categories: Writing, publishing
Blog Description: I'm blogging my experience as my novels make it through the publication process. Also includes articles & writing tips and the occasional rant.
Simon, as he tells us in his blog has had fiction appear in several Australian genre magazines and his humorous SF story 'Sleight of Hand' won the 2001 Aurealis Award for horror. However, this blog is devoted to a host of things not the least his Hal Sapcejock series in SF. Simon knows how to write and certainly involves us through a myriad of posts in the art of writing and the frustration at certain things in writing and publishing. It is really interesting to follow the thoughts and adventures of Simon as he attempts to continue his SF series and shows us the inner side of getting his books out and how one author markets them. There is something here for all writers to learn from.

Kristen King - :: inkthinker ::
Blog Address:
Subject Categories: Writing and editing
Blog Description: Freelance writer-editor Kristen King is an inkthinker with a passion for the written word. Find out where it all started...and where it's going!
Cobwebs Of The Mind - NotationsKristen is a writer who is dead-serious about her craft. She quit her editing job and now is a full time freelance writer (though it is clear from her writing that her ability to write clearly and to the point has been helped with her editing experience.) Her blog is  not only useful for any and all freelance writers out there, it is useful for all writers as Kristin has great advice on writing, editing and freelancing. And if you happen to be a freelancer this blog is a must!

Judi Silva aka Simran - Everything Indian
Blog Address:
Subject Categories: Writing about everything Indian (India)
Blog Description: As a freelance writer and editor, I write mostly about people and things from India, especially Bollywood.
Cobwebs Of The Mind - NotationsSimran's blog is a great peephole into Indian Culture and Bollywood. (I am not going to tell you what Bollywood is you will just have to read her blog!) Since two of my children spent many months in India, this certainly holds an interest for me. Obviously someone who can explain the culture as well as the more fun parts to the culture in an entertaining way is something to be cherished and read. Everything Indian gets a thumbs up for a writer who is showing her excellent grasp of the craft of writing, and presenting us with a look at a culture she can explain, smile at, and demystify. Take a look and worth every minute.

Peggy - The Road Less Traveled
Blog Address:
Subject Categories: Cooking, Science, Books, Personal Thoughts
Blog Description: Follow the twisted path of my musings on food & cooking, books & writing, science, art, travel and more.
Cobwebs Of The Mind - NotationsActually this is not as twisted as Peggy would like us to believe. Certainly there is an eclectic gathering of posts, but then again that is the purpose of the blog to begin with. Peggy's writing covers a myriad of subjects. I have said this before, that I am not "into" reading personal lives or about what the kids had for breakfast. Peggy does not do this. She writes as the mood hits her, but it is clear from her writing, that she is also conveying a message be it about music, writing, friends or cooking. This blog is worth your while folks. Another fine example of an AW member showing off their craft in a unique way.

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Blogroll #6

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Simon Haynes said...

Thanks for taking the time to review my blog - much appreciated.

Simran said...

Thanks Teddy for the wonderful review of my siter. I wrote a post about it on my site as a thank you.


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Thanks, Teddy!