Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Reverieing, The Heretic, A Pot Of Gold, Tenuous Webs, The Suflower - Short Stories

I want to thank everyone for the kind emails of congratulations that I receieved when they read the stories at thedeepening.com.
I certainly do not feel worthy of a lot of the compliments and statements made about my writing, but it certainly is gratifying to hear.

Since Jan. 2006, five of my stories have been published at thedeepening.com. Normally I just post the fact that the stories are up, and I tend to shy away from the editor or reader comments to the stories. Well since thank goodness things are kind of heating up in "possibilities" I will quote one of the editors on my last story that went up at thedeepening.com. You can read this comment and the story in the full by accessing it here. This is just one of the comments I have received about my writing.

"EDITOR'S NOTE: Ted William Gross has to be one of the preeminent literary writers of this new century. There isn't a word in his letters to me, a moment in his work, that I don't sit stunned, in awestruck admiration…for the man, for his perspectives, for his literature.  —zentao"

You can read some other comments by readers here, along with my bio.

Thanks everyone once again for your private emails.

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