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Absolute Write BlogRoll #5

Cobwebs Of The Mind - AW BlogrollCobwebs Of The Mind is proud to present Blogroll #5 - Absolute Write Writers, Authors & Members
(If you are an AW member and wish to be included please read the thread AW Blogroll - Listing & Exposure for instructions on how to submit. The Blogroll goes up in batches of five.)
These Are ALL GREAT BLOGS for Writers and show Passion for Life and their Work

Paul Glatzer - Absolute ElvisPaul
Blog Address:
Subject Categories: Powerlifting, Massage, Writing
Blog Description: Thoughts on being Paul Glatzer, his desire to write, to make friends, and make people laugh
Sometimes I wonder at what madness caused me to create this AW BlogRoll. The work, the responsibility, the need to make sure everyone is happy and satisfied is sometimes difficult. And then comes along a Blog like that of Paul Glatzer and I know and learn once again what is important and what is not. Yes AW'ers. Paul Glatzer is our own Jenna's brother. But that is NOT the reason he is getting a thumbs-up and five stars. Paul is getting it because of his courage, commitment and achievements. He is first and foremost a New York State champion Powerlifter at the Special Olympics. Paul also wants to be a writer, and wants in his own words "to make people laugh". This is what it is all about folks. We sometimes get so caught up in our own world of ranking, hits, publishing, agents and the like, that we tend to forget that little things, as Paul says, "to make people laugh" are what is really important. Visit Paul's Blog and leave him a comment or two or three. I think, nay, I know, that we all have something to learn from Paul's courage and tenacity. Great job Paul!

Marilyn Braun - Marilyn's Royal Blog
Blog Address:
Subject Categories: British Royalty, The Queen, Prince William, Camilla, and Diana when the mood strikes
Blog Description: Not really a monarchist, just fascinated. An occasionally humorous, always informative blog about British Royalty.
Some people like turtles, some like steak, Marilyn is a royal watcher. But her blog is also full of historical notes as well, as she writes, "post Queen Victoria". Now whereas I cannot make any claims to knowledge of royal family information, nor have any inclination to do so, Marilyn's blog is chock full of historical and current information. Marilyn's excellent writing skills show in her posts about the royal family.

cesarcarlos - Of Chapters and Reels
Blog Address:
Subject Categories: Writing, Book reviews, Movie reviews
Blog Description: A place where I write about different movies and books I come across. I also showcase some fiction and announce blog events concerning with writing (particularly horror). Also included are some news on releases of both movies and books and heads ups on any web appearances from names in the industry.
This blog is a good eclectic mix of original writing by the author, book reviews and movie reviews. One of the AW blogs that combines the author's writing talent with his passion for the arts of books and writing.

E Scherr - Cognitive Elements Of Teaching
Blog Address:
Subject Categories: Teaching
Blog Description: Teaching with technology is the focus of this blog. However, I plan on also writing for parents and informing them of what kinds of questions to ask teachers. The basic idea is to create a partnership between teacher, student, parent and community.
Cobwebs Of The Mind - NotationsA fairly new blog with an emphasis on discussing the marriage of technology and teaching. Judging by the first post, this blog should get fairly interesting. It is worth following and we hope it is added to on a regular basis.

Timothy Coote - BCOM
Blog Address:
Subject Categories: English communication for international presentations/conferences/meetings
Blog Description: If you are giving a presentation in English to a group of suits from around the world and ever wondered why they are suppressing yawns I have the answers.
Cobwebs Of The Mind - NotationsSometimes I am completely surprised when I look at an AW blog (this is a good thing!) This blog has nothing to do with writing but rather some incredibly interesting posts on the art of communication in business. Coming from the world of high tech, stuff like this is refreshing and appreciated. Definately worth a look, especially if your daily job brings you into the presentation/communication fields.

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Blogroll #5

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