Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Introducing The "Super Teddy Award Series For Agents, Editors & Publishers"

Super Teddy!As writers we often scour the Net for any piece of information that can help in our quest to get our books published. We have out our disposal quite a few web sites and blogs that offer us information on what to do and how to do it. Some are good, some mediocre, some are really just plain stupid and bad.

I often scour these Blogs and Web Sites for information for Cobwebs Of The Mind as I am sure you know. And at times I get really fed up with some of those "professionals" who want to tell us they know it all and how to do it and what to do when they cannot even write a correct sentence. At other times you may find a gem here and there. I use all this information for Cobwebs Of The Mind and hopefully the many readers are learning day by day - with a bit of humor and intelligence.

And I know many writers scour these pages of wisdom and information as well. Over at Absolute Write some of the most popular threads are about Agent Blogs. There is even a thread called: List of Agent Blogs and another one called: A debate about agents.

Today, maybe because of my mood, maybe because I just had it up to the gills with some of the nastiness against writers I have read on a few Blogs or maybe just because..., I have come to the conclusion that it is time to take a bit of our "writers pride" back from the host of bashing blogs and editors.

Super Teddy!So I am introducing the "Super Teddy Award Series For Agents, Editors & Publishers" with it's very own mascot. What I will be doing is from time to time when I find a particularly good or smart or valuable piece of information; or a particularly stupid or loathsome or idiotic statement in an agent's or editor's blog or web site - I will post it here, in Cobwebs Of The Mind for the "Super Teddy Award Series For Agents, Editors & Publishers".

Oh yes, dear reader you read right. Don't gasp! Don't worry. Teddy is going to give back just what the writer's receive. If it is baseless idiotic comments on some Agent's or Editor's blog, then it is about time to return the favor is it not? Of course your comments will be welcome. And if you have any suggestions of specific Blogs, Web Sites or Posts that should be discussed, let me know in a comment or send me an email. You can stay anonymous if you like. But Teddy is not ashamed nor will I hide.

It is time for the writers to fight back!!!

P.S. Stay tuned and tell all your friends. Because I already have the First Award in the
"Super Teddy Award Series For Agents, Editors & Publishers" all lined up!

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Sharon said...

Great idea! I look forward to seeing the finalists!