Friday, December 22, 2006

OMG - They Are All Closing Down For The Holidays

What am I going to do? The blogs are all closing down. All the agents are going on vacation. They won't read my query letters. They won't read the book I submitted. They won't see my blog. They won't be there to comment.

I am going into withdrawal.

Let me see. Miss Snark is busy with the crapometer. I already wrote about that. The Rejecter got herself into some nutty argument with a POD author. Book-Ends which I was going to give a Super Teddy award to - closed down until the New Year! How dare they! Other agent blogs are slowly but surely closing down until the end of the holidays.

Let's see. Let's see. Who can we pick on today? Mind is a blank so I am going to pick on myself!

I should finish some short stories I have been working on. I should really get to work on at least one of my WIP's. I should WRITE!

OMG. What a unique thought! I should write! But for whom? For what? For where? How?

Questions. Questions. Questions.

Life is full of these crazy, silly questions.

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Anonymous said...

Teddy, I'll tell ya what ... since I'm still sitting on my bum in surgery-recovery mode (one friend even commandeered my car so I'm not tempted to push myself too soon) I'll continue to read your blog if you continue to write THROUGHOUT THE WEEKEND. I can't guarantee a comment on Monday, however, but I can pretty much guarantee if you post something, I shall read it. A laptop on the couch is a wonderful thing.

Ted W. Gross said...

Most important is you get better!!!!

Bill Fullerton said...

That's one justification for American football, both college and pro's. This time a year, the games fill in a lot of down time.

Pulling for you Karen.