Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Valid Moments For That Naughty F*** Word To Escape From Your Virgin Lips

A moment respite from our normative need to present the best and brightest at Cobwebs Of The Mind. We need to rest. Laugh. Curse.

Potty-Mouth has arrived folks so close your eyes if you cannot handle it!

A Best Friend sent me an email yesterday, whose subject was:
"When its OK to say the F#$%^&^$&^ word".

Since this email is hilarious I am 100% sure it has and still is making the rounds in ever-increasing circles. However, some of you may miss this absolute gem, (and this is coming from someone who hates jokes!), and not have such giving friends as I do.

So as a community service and out of the generosity of my heart, I am including it here with commentary. Now, no stealing. If you want to spread the word LINK. (Sheesh, you guys are impossible sometimes!)

Okay to make sure I am not stepping on any legal toes here, I did notice that some of the pictures had on the bottom, the engraving of a web site, Worth1000.com. So to make sure I am a good boy, though these pictures have been sent to thousands if not millions of people via email already, I am pointing this out with a link to the web site. (No copyright sign appears on these pictures though.)

All rightee, folks - Here is the official permission slip of when you are allowed to use Potty Mouth and scream out that F*** word for the whole world to hear.

Any parent will certainly understand this one. Indeed, if you take this scene calmly I strongly suggest you need new glasses or a better therapist. Upon seeing this a few F*** would be in order, before those poor kids make you laugh your butt off.

Forget the Kids. Clean that TV Quick!

This next one is SO NOT FUNNY...So sad...So scary that I was laughing my arse off all the way to the car! (Stop laughing you...those poor kids. Sheesh, you are cruel!)

Whoever is teaching these kids how to conquer their fear of the water, just made a big boo-boo!

You just have to wonder what is going this through this guy's head right about the moment this picture was taken. I am willing to bet he is cursing the day he ever decided to show off and jump out of a plane.

If God wanted us to fly through the air with silk attached to our back, He would have given us wings. I mean how dumb can you get?

There is just one term I can think of for the next picture. "Organ Donor".
When did some nitwit decide that Motorbikes and their crazy drivers should also be able to fly?

"Look Ma - No Wings. No Tires Either!"

Family and Friend outings and pictures are a beautiful thing! You get to become one with Mother Nature and breathe in all that clean, fresh air. You learn all about the beauty and glorious things that are so wondrous in this world. And you take along your dog. Fido, who has been with you since like forever. He is gonna romp and play. And finally after all these years he really is going to fetch and retrieve. Fido is great with his barking from pure joy.

And finally you reach the top of that awesome mountain and look down upon all the great beauty. And then your friend says, "This is going to make a great picture!" So you line up near the precipice so the picture can be taken for posterity. And as your friend moves back slowly, wanting to get in the perspective on the picture, he steps on the Frisbee you brought along so Fido can catch and retrieve. Without thinking, he bends picks it up, and just before he clicks on that camera, he flings the Frisbee off.

Go Fido Go!

Now here is the TRUE F*** MOMENT. Even the true MOTHER-F***ER MOMENT.
This is essentially the MOTHER of ALL MOTHER-F***ER MOMENTS.

Folks if you ever see live during this next scene, scream out whatever you like, as loud as you like and as long as you have time for. Because I will guarantee you one thing. It will be without doubt the last words to escape your lips in this lifetime. So make it a good one!

All Together Now:
"OH F***!"

With compliments, our commercial break at Cobwebs Of The Mind. Even writers and authors have to laugh at something else besides themselves from time to time!

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