Thursday, January 04, 2007

He Takes The Podium To Get You All To VOTE!

Public Relations has never been one of my stronger qualities. BUT (hah - you guys knew there was a but there didn't you?) - there are two different votes/polls going on right now - so I am of course, in a democratic fashion mind you, bringing them to your attention due to my altruistic, loving personality. (Stop laughing...sheesh!)

The Weblog Awards - Bloggies

7th Annual Bloggies Awards

Vote for Cobwebs Of The Mind (until Jan. 10, 2007) in the The Weblog Awards - Bloggies. You will need the name Cobwebs Of The Mind & our URL - Thanks for your vote! Oh- Put either under Best New Weblog; Best Topical Weblog; or of course Weblog Of The Year!

The Deepening Polls

The Deepening Polls

Vote For "The Sunflower" as your favorite free story of 2006. And Vote for Ted William Gross (that's me!) under the favorite Author category! You do not have to be a member to vote. So vote away!

Now do your duty and VOTE!

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Paula said...

As a Thank You, I already voted.
Your blogs are not only interesting and insightful, they are fun.

Good Luck Ted

Anonymous said...

Of course I voted ... good luck.

The Deepening said...

Yeah, yeah. I voted on the blog thing for you, though I put myself in for best kept secret blog. ;)

Now about ballot box stuffing over on TD, Ted... .


You go, boy.

Ted W. Gross said...

Looks at Dawn from TD in total and complete innocence. Me? Stuff the ballot box? Hah! I am practicing my democratic right on the Internet to cower people into voting for me!

A little push never hurt no one...:)

(They all better vote for me too!)

B.E. Sanderson said...

I voted for you. This blog, and Fire, and View.

Good luck.