Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cobwebs Of The Mind Blog Review: Judi Silva's "Writing From Within" & "Everything Indian"

Judi Silva aka Simran maintains two blogs (and a website for her business) which we will review here. Everything Indian & Writing From Within and her company website (also to do with writing) DARK HORSE ADAPTATIONS.

Everything Indian - Judi's header on this blog states: "Although I don't live in India, I love everything Indian. This blog will tell you all about all my favorite Indian things and my travels to that far-away land, when I finally get to visit there." Judi hails from the United States in New England and one might find this fascination with India a bit overdone. However, since two of my children have spent a lot of time in India, and rave about it, I can relate to Judi's desire to go see it. And thus personally, the things she writes about in her blog Everything Indian I can relate to.

Make no mistake. Everything Indian is about writing but in India or about India. Judi has reviews of books and authors along with numerous articles about Indian culture and Bollywood. As its title suggests Everything Indian will open your eyes to another culture rich in tradition and literature. In skimming through some of her articles, I found an incredible diversity of information on India. If one goes to just the July 2006 Archive on the Blog one will find everything from literature to fashion to recipes to article excerpts to trying to assist Indian writers to just plain information and of course Bollywood (though how much Americans are familiar with Bollywood is beyond me).

Okay so now we know Judy has a penchant for Indian culture but what about writing. That answer comes in her other blog, Writing From Within and from her business website, DARK HORSE ADAPTATIONS.

Since this is a review of the writing and life of people who keep blogs I will give Judi a little PR plug here because her work is directly associated with writing. The following is from her web site.
Dark Horse Adaptations is a professional text editing, proofreading and copy writing service for documents ranging from reports to literary works of art and Web sites. Since we are authors and writing professionals who edit on a daily basis, we are equipped and ready to help you with your writing needs.
Judi herself is a Freelance Writer/Copy Editor/Copy Writer/Columnist. Still in her web site we learn that Judi herself was interviewed several times such as this interview on Indian Cinema.

Judi's professional life truly revolves around the written word which she couples with her passion for all things Indian. It is often worth the time for us to learn as much as we can about other cultures. It is a pleasant surprise when we can do so while enjoying what we read as well. Judi's writing is not just writing about a culture she knows. One can see that she loves and is fascinated by writing and Indian culture. These two passions come through in her work which makes her blog, Everything Indian, a pleasure to read.

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