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Limited Free Kindle Book Offer

In preparation for the release of more books over the next few months, the beginnings of a major campaign, and the release of the books below in Nook & IPad & and other electronic formats, I am offering this free offer as follows:

25 copies in PRC format will be given to the first 25 people for each title. This means you must have a Kindle or Kindle reader on your computer or in your IPad or Android Tablet. This file will be delivered to you via email. 

The obvious purpose of this is to garner "honest" book reviews from readers. 

The two titles are:

Ancient Tales, Modern Legends is a short story collection and for the literary lovers.
The Chronicles Of The Children Of Heaven is an Epic Fantasy (above Vol. 1) and for fantasy lovers.

The "gotcha" is as follows:
  1. Those who ask and receive the free Kindle book, will do all in their power in a timely manner to read the book they requested and received. 
  2. You must have the ability via Amazon to leave reviews (in other words an active Amazon account) or in B&N (the books currently are available in B&N only in Paperback). The review should be honest. I am not telling you what to write or how many stars to put in the review (if any.) The review is up to you and what you feel about the book you requested. A fair and honest review is all that is expected.
  3. I am also requesting that you "Like" the book (button on top) and check the topic/category tags or add your own as you see fit (in Amazon). 
  4. You agree not to give away the "free copy" or post it anywhere on line or pass it to friends. All Copyright restrictions still apply.
  5. Yes, this does open the door for people who just want to trash books and/or for those who have an ax to grind, as they say. So I must reserve the right to deny requests as well.
  6. If you wish a free copy please feel free to use the links at the end of this post either in email or by PM in Facebook or LinkedIn. You can also leave a comment, however I will need your email address so it is up to you if you wish to leave that in a comment or not.
  7. I would really appreciate if you are an "addicted freebie hunter" and just want to load up your Kindle then please wait for the final day of these books being offered Free in KDP (within  then next 2 weeks) and not to request them here.

The links and short description to the books are as follows (so that you may get an idea of what they are before you request them.)


Ancient Tales, Modern Legends, a short story collection by Ted William Gross presents the reader with engaging and thought-provoking stories spanning the ages. Covering subjects of love, loss, pain, desire, need, frustration and hope these stories are meant to entertain as well leave an indelible impression upon the reader. 

Ted Gross cleverly combines ancient lore in his "Tiny Slivers From A Silver Horn" weaving Unicorns, the story of Adam & Eve and the modern world into a tale of lost wisdom and gained hope. "Love In A Cafe" moves the reader within the soft aura of love until the surprise ending. "Elijah's Coins" leaves us wondering about the great "what if" of life and just how blessed or cursed it would make us to change the future. "Reverieing" is a glimpse of the slow descent of one individual into his own personal hell. "Addiction, Obsession, Love", "Tenuous Webs" & "And So They Danced" look upon love and loss from different perspectives. "A Tapestry Of War" is a real war story and the consequences of war upon the psyche of the soldier. "The Sunflower" portrays how hate can insidiously seep into the heart of man while "The Heretic" will leave you wondering who the real heretic actually is. "Kapparot" will let you delve into the mystical world of Hassidic philosophy while looking upon man's relation to God. "Jacob's Ladder" will introduce you to a world of angels and their mission of silence.

The Following Short Stories Are Contained Within Ancient Tales, Modern Legends
Love In A Café
Elijah's Coins
The Sunflower
Tenuous Webs
The Heretic
A Tapestry Of War
And So They Danced
Jacob's Ladder
Addiction, Obsession, Love
Tiny Slivers From A Silver Horn

This is not a book to dismiss easily. Enjoy it. Grow with it. You will in turn, be haunted by it and the stories will remain with you long after you have closed the pages.

A Tale That Is Told - Part 1: The Chronicles Of The Children Of Heaven Fantasy Series

"It was an era when the beginning was at an end, and the end served as a beginning."
So writes Kitviel, the Keeper of The Chronicles Of The Children Of Heaven in his introduction.

Satan and his minions are determined to have their long awaited prize. The Angels are determined to thwart them. Plans within plans are prepared. Heaven & Hell are in constant planning and flux. And Mankind was caught in the middle.

To prevent the coming of the dominion of the rule of darkness, Seth sets out on a dangerous journey. To find his long lost and banished brother, and then to seek the Cherubim knowing full well one wrong word will destroy him forever. Yet he is determined. For Seth instincitively knows this is the last chance of mankind to redeem itself.

Lilith watches and plans carefully. Satan remains assured of his prize. The Angels and Arch-Angels decide upon a defense. And upon the earth it is up to but one determined pair, Seth and Aklima to find the lost garden and change the future.

The Epic Fantasy "The Chronicles Of The Children Of Heaven" was originally written by the Meyal, Kitviel, who is a Sharret of Nogah. The series begins with Adam & Eve and continue until the Flood, (known as "The Great Deluge" to the Meyal). What takes place upon the Earth during these first years of Mankind's existence is the major concern of books within The Chronicles Of The Children Of Heaven. Subsequently the activities of the Meyal and the Techas, as well as the great confrontations and wars between them, is portrayed. Mankind must decide its own destiny or be ruled by the power of evil. 

To request a Free Book In Kindle (PRC) Format:

Email: tedwgross at gmail dot com
Twitter: @tedwgross

Thank you.

All illustrations above are from the Despair.com. All hyperlinks on the posters will take you to their original page @ Despair.com.

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