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Ancient Tales, Modern Legends

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"Ancient Tales, Modern Legends", a short story collection by Ted William Gross presents the reader with engaging and thought-provoking stories spanning the ages. Covering subjects of love, loss, pain, desire, need, frustration and hope these stories are meant to entertain as well leave an indelible impression upon the reader. Ted Gross cleverly combines ancient lore in his "Tiny Slivers From A Silver Horn" weaving Unicorns, the story of Adam & Eve and the modern world into a tale of lost wisdom and gained hope. "Love In A Cafe" moves the reader within the soft aura of love until the surprise ending. "Elijah's Coins" leaves us wondering about the great "what if" of life and just how blessed or cursed it would make us to change the future. "Reverieing" is a glimpse of the slow descent of one individual into his own personal hell. "Addiction, Obsession, Love", "Tenuous Webs" & "And So They Danced" look upon love and loss from different perspectives. "A Tapestry Of War" is a real war story and the consequences of war upon the psyche of the soldier. "The Sunflower" portrays how hate can insidiously seep into the heart of man while "The Heretic" will leave you wondering who the real heretic actually is. "Kapparot" will let you delve into the mystical world of Hassidic philosophy while looking upon man's relation to God. "Jacob's Ladder" will introduce you to a world of angels and their mission of silence.

The Following Short Stories Are Contained Within Ancient Tales, Modern Legends
Ancient Tales, Modern Legends

Love In A Café
Elijah's Coins
The Sunflower
Tenuous Webs
The Heretic
A Tapestry Of War
And So They Danced
Jacob's Ladder
Addiction, Obsession, Love
Tiny Slivers From A Silver Horn

Read it. Enjoy it. Grow with it. You will in turn, be haunted by it and the stories will remain with you long after you have closed the pages.
As almost all authors will tell you, their work in writing is a labor of love. "Ancient Tales, Modern Legends" is a collection of stories that were written over many years, sometimes in great pain, sometimes with great joy and certainly is a labor of love for both the author and the reader. As colleagues read them, and some were published, I was prodded to publish the rest. I am the first to admit some of these stories are not "quick reads". It is my hope that they will make you, the reader, stop and think, perhaps just about they waywardness of life. They all are short stories in the pure art form of this genre.

In the case of a short story, the rule "less is better" should most definitely apply. Here too, I will apply that rule and let you peruse the description to get a feeling for the stories contained within "Ancient Tales, Modern Legends". I do hope you enjoy them.  

From the Reviews:
"Each of these stories are an incredible gift. They will remain with you long after you turn the last page and I believe this book is one you will read again and again. When we were children, many of the books written for our specific age group, came with a lesson or something to reflect upon. Many of those stories remain in our hearts forever. Ancient Tales, Modern Legends will do this for you, in an adult fashion."
"Lyrical and moving, these short stories open a window into various lives and situations, allowing the reader to feel the depths of emotion of the various protagonists. It presents a broad spectrum of life written in a clear and precise literary style. I look forward to reading more by this author."
"With the completion of each story, I couldn't wait to begin the next. My favorite, "And So They Danced", filled with so much hope and pathos. Kudos and five stars to the author."

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