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Jerusalem International Book Fair - Flashlight Press

Every two years there is an international book fair that takes place in Jerusalem know as the Jerusalem International Book Fair. It used to be a fairly decent event where publishers from all over the world came to show off their books and do business.

The Jerusalem International Book Fair was extremely disappointing from all facets - readers, authors and publishers. But there are always one or two gems to make up for the disappointment. I cannot tell you what goes on behind the scenes because I have no idea. What I can say in that as time goes on this book fair becomes less and less of an event and seems to have been turned into some large book sell fair mostly populated by the ever growing list of Israeli book publishers. It was very disappointing, and certainly those who have two whole years to arrange this event should be fired and some new blood with some sort of ambitious planning should be brought in to make this fair and conference into the event it used to be.

Certainly a public which has a great deal of readers and writers should be given something a bit more than just a glorified book store when taking the time to view the events in the world of publishing and literature.

Needless to say I was more than somewhat disappointed, almost to the point of really being embarrassed by what this Conference used to be to what it has become today.

But there are always one or two gems to make up for the disappointment.

Flashlight Press - Cobwebs Of The MindAll that being said, of course, as the nature of things, I did meet up with some people whom I have not seen in a long time and got a chance to shmooze and keep up with the world at large. One such person whom I have known for the better part of 30 years is Shari Dash Greenspan an extremely talented literary, visual and graphic arts woman who is now an editor at a small publishing house called Flashlight Press. Shari is the editor of picture story books for children - in the words on her business card - "picture story books that explore and illuminate".

Flashlight Press is situated in New York City and you can go to their web site, Flashlight Press to check out their list of books.

Flashlight Press - Cobwebs Of The MindFlashlight Press is a normative press open to all sorts of well-written books in their genre. In speaking with Shari she told me that she always open to reading new manuscripts from authors and illustrators (so take heart here folks - here is a publishing house where you can reach the editor directly if you are writing picture story books!) You do not need an agent to get Shari to read your works either.

Flashlight Press is actively seeking picture story books that explore and illuminate The web site of Flashlight Press has all you need to know about contacting them including Submission Guidelines for both Authors & Illustrators. Many of the books at Flashlight Press have won a series of awards, which should give you an idea as to the seriousness of this publisher.

Their mission statement reads as follows:
To explore and illuminate the touching and humorous moments of family situations and social interactions through captivating writing and outstanding illustrations. Two to four original picture books are scheduled for publication each year.
Flashlight Press - Cobwebs Of The MindI threatened to post a picture of Shari on the blog - but in order to keep my head on my shoulders, I have posted some of the book covers with links (click on the cover) to the absolutely charming books published by Flashlight Press. If you are a parent, or if you are an author or illustrator looking for another market for your work, Flashlight Press is definitely worth the investment in time and a query.

Flashlight Press - Cobwebs Of The MindShari herself is an author of such books and very in tune with what the public is looking for in this genre. What more can you ask for? An editor whose name you know and a willing and listening ear and inquiring mind, along with an open eye to your manuscripts. You can reach Shari Dash Greenspan by clicking here.

Good Luck!

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